Pontiac Silverdome does not get blowed up real good at all

You know, let’s just watch and enjoy this first:

Yes, they tried to blow up the Pontiac Silverdome yesterday and failed. According to the demolition contractor as recounted by the Detroit Free Press, “roughly 10% of the explosive charges did not detonate due to a wiring issue.” Now they’ll have to either figure out a way to detonate those charges at a later date — which presumably wold mean fixing wiring in a building that’s on the verge off collapse, which doesn’t sound like a great idea — or taking a more traditional wrecking-ball approach, which also doesn’t sound great but is at least preferable.

And if that’s not enough fun for one morning, here’s the owner of a drone video company telling the Free Press why he hates filming building demolitions:

“It sounds like lobsters being put in a boiling pot, the steel lets out a high-pitched scream,” he said. “It’s definitely sad.”

Stadiums marked for death scream like lobsters being boiled alive! Happy nightmares, everybody.

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5 comments on “Pontiac Silverdome does not get blowed up real good at all

  1. Hey the mayor got a soundbite out of it! – “Pontiac Mayor Diedre Waterman..noted how the implosion of the Silverdome could in some ways be seen as a metaphor for Pontiac — a city that despite hard times still refuses to give up.” LOL

  2. They could have solved the entire metro-area’s homeless problem, with that building.

    But oh well, gotta go-gotta-go, I guess.

    1. So are there going to be armed guards keeping them in there? I am never clear on what the vision is in these scenarios? A giant melee to the death? In a lot of communities there are more or less enough beds for the people who are not going to be high/drunk/violent, and certainly enough beds for all the families and women if they want them.

      This doesn’t really seem like t is set up as a good space for a shelter, but I am sincerely curious what the vision is.

      1. I was just being a ham. They’d turn it into the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina, in about a week, and then be in the same boat.

  3. Hell, just keep it standing and in a few thousand years people will flock to see it the way they do the Roman Coliseum.

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