Islanders and NYCFC shed no light whatever on their Belmont bids

There was a public “listening session” yesterday on plans for redeveloping land alongside Belmont Park, and both the New York Islanders and NYC F.C. made presentations, and “details” were “revealed,” according to the New York Post headline, and oh boy oh boy let’s see what we’ve got:

Reps for the NYCFC soccer organization, which currently plays at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, say the team’s plans for a 26,000-seat stadium at the Elmont, LI, site would also include 400,000 square feet of retail and entertainment space, 15.3 acres of open space, a 5-acre park and 2-acre soccer facility…

The Islanders’ plan calling for an 18,000-seat arena was revealed to include an entertainment hub, hotel and retail village.

Wait, that’s it? We already knew pretty much all that — not down to the tenth of an acre, sure, but “sports facility accompanied by other development” was both teams’ plan all along. No details about how this would be funded? No renderings? Come on, we gotta at least get some renderings!

That’s not a rendering! There aren’t even any fireworks or lens flare! This Monday sucks.

(Here’s a video of the Islanders’ developer talking about how he used to build snowmen with Mets co-owner Jeff Wilpon when they were kids, which is something, I guess.)

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9 comments on “Islanders and NYCFC shed no light whatever on their Belmont bids

  1. I was there last night, and I noticed there were no statements about costs, how much paid by the taxpayers, how much a new LIRR station would cost, etc. I’m biased, 45 year Islanders fan that would have the arena two miles from my house, but I thought the Islanders had the better presentation (and better childhood stories).
    Regarding LIRR stations, there is an already existing LIRR station, that I use everyday, one mile from the proposed location of the arena, in Bellerose, abeit on the other side of the track. Just provide a way to get from there to the arena without having to walk around the entire racetrack property.

  2. I suspect that this will get completed. Why? The timing. If the tax bill passes, the government will take away some tax breaks for sports related construction. However, I suspect that there will be a “Grandfather Clause” in there that will be put in there to help the Raiders and Vegas pay for their new stadium. It will likely be that any project that is “Shovel Ready” before the next fiscal year (July, 2018) will be allowed to be funded under the old rules. Why? The Republicans need every vote they can get and that includes Nevada. The Islanders will essentially “Piggyback” themselves with the Raiders and get this done by starting construction work before July

    1. They already got the votes for the tax-exempt bond repeal in the House, and one of the two Nevada senators is a Democrat and already voting against the tax bill. So this really will all come down to whether Dean Heller makes this a line in the sand when it comes time to vote on the conference committee bill.

      (Unless the House and Senate have already agreed to ditch the tax-exempt bond repeal, and the House just stuck it in there as red meat for the Heritage/Cato types. I have zero inside information that says this is so, but my gut is hinting pretty strongly at it.)

      1. Even if the race track doesn’t leave the parking lots are big enough to put both an arena and an MLS sized soccer stadium.

  3. It should at least be mentioned that is kind of a shame that the arena would eat up about half of the picnic grounds on the Belmont property. I’m curious to see what Stakes day will be like with an arena right where tens of thousands of people hang out, especially since I haven’t heard of any plans to open the track infield on Stakes day.

  4. More money for a consultant that hasn’t released their report and it will take another year?

    Phoenix pumps $125K more into research for Suns arena upgrades

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