Stadium renderings show Rams and Chargers fans may need oxygen masks to reach their seats

We’ve got new* renderings of the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers stadium! Here’s the outside:

That’s a more attractive update on the giant-tennis-racket look, though some of that is just that the renderers chose to show it at sunset and all glowy and stuff. As for what the place will actually look like for fans instead of passing planes:

May I be the first to say, “Yikes!” The hanging video halo board is impressive, to be sure (though it’s going to be limited to very long, narrow replays), but that upper deck is just insanely high, separated from the field by three other decks of seating plus four, if I’m counting right, layers of luxury suites and club seats. The rendering makes it look like the decks are stacked fairly vertically to keep the top decks closer to the field, but it also makes it look like the rake — the steepness of the deck — isn’t too extreme, and having both of those be the case is a geometric impossibility if fans are actually going to see the field, so we’ll see how much of this is wishful thinking.

Overall, this looks like somebody took the MetLife Stadium model (which is essentially awful) and gussied it up with more curves and transparent roofs and other things to make it look more like you’re in a Star Trek movie and less like you’re in a palace of mass sports consumption. Which might be all it takes to lure in L.A. fans, who knows — we’ll have to wait and see. It seems like a risky way to spend $2.6 billion, but it’s not my money or yours, so whatever.

One more rendering before we go:

Do people really line up in incredibly orderly lines in Southern California to pass through the … virtual turnstiles? Metal detectors? What are those things, exactly? It seems an awfully sedate throng to be attending a football game, anyway, though maybe they’re hypnotized into a stupor by the permanent flock of balloons.

*UPDATE: This just in:

I have no idea why these are being reported as new renderings, then, unless everybody saw the LA Curbed article talking about construction progress and showing renderings and just assumed they were all new. Sorry for passing along bad information, but the nosebleediness of that top deck remains remarkable.

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18 comments on “Stadium renderings show Rams and Chargers fans may need oxygen masks to reach their seats

    1. The third rendering appears meant to conjure memories of the closing scenes of the film… Since the entire city/world the film was set in exploded during the end credits, I guess we are left to draw our own conclusion…

  1. Those are metal detectors. And lines do tend to be orderly for metal detectors at Kings and Lakers games.

    The seating bowl is essentially Cowboys Stadium, except with the third level above the second and third levels of suites instead of below. Also it looks like New Chargers Stadium is getting a split upper deck, a la Minneapolis (which is the worst NFL Stadium I’ve been in, aside from the soccer stadium in Carson).

    Neil is correct in that the Cowboys Stadium upper bowl is very high and very steep. The first time I went, the people next to us said that their first Cowboys Stadium game was from the upper bowl, and they just watched the video board the whole time.

    1. “The seating bowl is essentially Cowboys Stadium” … Not terribly surprising, since Jerry Jones’ Legends company is supposed to run the place once built.

    2. Yeah my experience at games in Minnesota is relatively orderly lines in front of security. Not quite that orderly maybe, but close.

  2. Excuse me for perhaps missing something obvious but when you say, “It seems like a risky way to spend $2.6 billion, but it’s not my money or yours, so whatever”, does this mean it isn’t tax-payer funded? Again, I apologize if I missed over two billion dollars in private-financing.

      1. “It’s Stan Kroenke’s own money… ” True — which is to say that it’s Bud Walton’s own money, but I’m picking nits. Hasn’t the plan been to sell Coliseum Rams tix at rock-bottom prices and then apply the ticket/PSL gouge once Kroenkeville is complete? Stan surely plans to make it all up on the back end; one wonders what the state of the NFL will be once the back end is ready to boot.

    1. /rings agent

      ‘It’s Black Sunday meets Earthquake only the disaster is… well, it’s an earthquake.’

  3. Might want to check your title. I think you mean “Chargers” rather than “Raiders.” At least your lede is correct.

  4. Yeah, renderings. Pffft.

    If the upper deck ends up anything like the way it is drawn, I’d have to think it will be old Yankee stadium steep.

    Not sure that H&S regulations for modern buildings allow for that sort of rake/incline, but whatever. The NFL is so very close to adopting the IOC/FIFA “we require you to suspend all regulations and taxation during our events” position, maybe it doesn’t matter…

  5. If Stan thinks Rams fans are going to pay $200 for the cheap seats, he has sadly misread the Los Angeles market. Middle class fans need money to overpay for mortgage or rent in the expensive So Cal market. Even with a current highly entertaining football team, they barely draw 60,000. I saw tickets going for $100 on game day of the playoffs. So invest in tarps, Stan, if you insist on $200 tickets.

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