Charlotte TV station knows a guy with a farm where Panthers stadium could go, totally

The Carolina Panthers story so far: Team owner Jerry Richardson was investigated for sexual harassment and stepped down as managing partner and said he would sell his stake, and immediately speculation started as to whether whoever bought the team would demand a new stadium, and then the local media jumped ahead straight to wondering where this phantom stadium that the new owner who hasn’t even been finalized yet might demand would go, and that brings us to last night’s WCNC-TV headline:

EXCLUSIVE: Where the new Carolina Panthers stadium could be built

The actual story, such as it is, is that two unnamed sources told the station that there is “interest” in building a stadium near the South Carolina border, and there’s a guy who owns a 220-acre farm there and his daughter-in-law went to school with the son of possible new owner Felix Sabates, and it’s truly amazing that this is an EXCLUSIVE and nobody else is on this story, huh?

But I didn’t come to you today just to laugh at self-important local TV news broadcasts; no, I came to you to laugh at what that headline really should bring to mind. Because where a new stadium “could” be? WCNC really should have shaken down a few more unnamed sources, because the possibilities are endless:

  • Here are 21 lots in Charlotte that are big enough to hold a football stadium. (Okay, one appears to be the side of a hill, but that worked for Dodger Stadium, right?)
  • If you’re willing to go further afield in North Carolina, here are 304 sites around the state that would work.
  • You know where there’s a lot of cheap land? Alaska. Just saying.
  • Olympus Mons. Pros: Lots of room for parking and ancillary development. Cons: Minor media market, but as long as you get a cut of the NFL’s national TV contract that shouldn’t matter too much, right?

This has been your morning exercise in finding places to build a stadium for an owner who doesn’t even own the team yet, let alone has he demanded a replacement for its stadium that’s just 21 years old, but that’s the job of journalism, right, to anticipate subsidy demands before they’re made and make them for you? Pretty sure it’s something like that.

6 comments on “Charlotte TV station knows a guy with a farm where Panthers stadium could go, totally

  1. Form the article: “And there is this connection: Jim Miller has a son named Steve and Steve’s wife went to school with Felix Sabates’ son.”
    LOL. Because there HAS to be a personal connection to the land. The Raiders new stadium is only where it’s being built now because Mark Davis’s cousin hit it off with a blackjack dealer whose uncle’s neighbor owned that piece of land. And Atlanta’s new stadium? NOT where it is now because there was conveniently open land right beside the Georgia Dome. His dogwalker used to date a gal whose OBGYN speculated in real estate on the side.

  2. The only item of speculation missing from this fantasy: The sale to and new building under the billionaire auspices of one Oprah Winfrey, who’ll need something to do in her spare time while occupying the presidency of the United States.

  3. I am appalled that the Charlotte press appears to have completely overlooked the obvious elephant not in this (or possibly any other) room:

    If a new stadium is not built for the next owner of the Panthers the team may have to leave and the state will be stuck with the cost of reprinting maps that no longer have Charlotte referenced in any way as the city will obviously no longer be on the map.

    Never mind the fact that everyone living in Charlotte will have to leave because they no longer have an NFL team. Didn’t those selfish employees think about the chain of events they were starting by complaining about the owners creepy and disgraceful conduct?

    Is it fair that 850,000 people have to relocate (and all businesses in the city close) just because a few employees don’t want to give foot and back rubs to a perverted old whale in a bathrobe?

    I mean, ask not what your country can do for you, am I right?

    • San Diego vanished without the Chargers. People forgot that the Padres, SDSU, the beaches, and microbrewers still existed.

    • Olympus Mons has no government from whom to shake down stadium subsidies from so its a non-starter.