Former Denver mayor proposes pot ads to fund Broncos’ stealth $650m stadium reno demand

Former Denver mayor Wellington Webb has issued a letter suggesting ways to pay for $650 million in upgrades to the Denver Broncos‘ stadium over the next 20 years — phone photo of crumply paper version here — that includes selling ads to marijuana companies on folding seat bottoms (so they’ll be visible to fans but not on TV) and getting fans to chip in by buying shares in exchange for “good will” and … hold up, did he just say $650 million?

I understand there’s an estimated $650 million in stadium improvements wanted over 20 years

Apologies for previously missing this news, which appears to have been revealed in a statement by Broncos execs buried deep in a boring naming-rights article from last September. Sure, sports venues need maintenance, but $650 million in work over 20 years for a 17-year-old stadium is insane, and is better described as “Broncos owners want to tear down their nearly new stadium and build a new one in place over the next two decades, but want somebody else to pay for it.”

Under the Broncos’ lease, naming-rights money goes toward maintenance and upgrade costs, but the last naming-rights sponsor went bankrupt two years ago, and realistically there’s no way on earth they’re going to get anything close to $32.5 million a year for the name of a stadium that’s already had two corporate names, and which everyone will just call “Mile High” anyway. So while Webb’s idea may or may not be the best — though obviously ads reading “[Marijuana Company Here] Brings You Mile High” would be a no-brainer — the bigger concern is that the Broncos appear to have levied a demand for $650 million and gotten everyone to swallow it as perfectly cromulent, which stops here, as far as I’m concerned. Whoever actually owns the Broncos now, you crazy!

3 comments on “Former Denver mayor proposes pot ads to fund Broncos’ stealth $650m stadium reno demand

  1. Broncos have no leverage. There’s no available market anywhere near as strong. Unless LA needs a third team.

    • ” Unless LA needs a third team.”

      Well, Stan Kroenke already owned the Nuggets and the Avalanche before the NFL waived its cross-market ownership ban to accommodate his taking over the Rams, and NFL Hall-Of-Famer Jerry Jones has christened Kroenke “savior”, so I’d have to conclude that Kroenke’s buying the Broncos is hardly impossible in the NFL of 2018.

  2. This reminds me of Don Meredith’s famous remark on Monday Night Football

    “Welcome to the Mile High City – and I really am!”