Friday roundup: Crew claps back at Modell Law suit, Cincy mayor thinks his citizens are dumb, Wrigley Field is a construction zone again

This week brought thundersnow that led to a fireball in a subway tunnel, but the stadium and arena news was reasonably exciting too:

  • Columbus Crew owner Anthony Precourt says the lawsuit to force him to offer the team for sale to local owners before moving it to Austin is groundless, since he made “significant investments” in the team “both on and off the field” and yet the team isn’t making money hand over fist like he’d like it to. I would have gone with “fine, you can buy the team if you want, my asking price is one quattuordecillion dollars,” but that’s why Precourt pays himself the big bucks.
  • Oakland Raiders management says it has identified room for 27,000 parking spaces within 1.5 miles of its Las Vegas stadium, and 100,000 spaces within three miles. “Now, obviously, people don’t want to walk three miles, so you have to have a pretty strong infrastructure program and transportation plan in place,” said Raiders president Marc Badain. “We’re working on all of that.” Cool, get back to us!
  • Residents of the West End opposed to building an F.C. Cincinnati soccer stadium on the site of a revered high school football stadium there are all about “maintaining disinvestment, maintaining the status quo and not closing racial and economic gaps but keeping them divided,” Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said this week. “I think that’s wrong.” But enough with the pandering to your constituents, Mayor Cranley what do you really think about them?
  • Because no arena project can truly be cost-free for the public, the new Muni Metro stop being built at the Golden State Warriors‘ new San Francisco arena has now risen in cost to $51 million, and the city of San Francisco hasn’t figured out how to pay for $17 million of that yet. Not that a new mass transit stop isn’t a public benefit for people other than Warriors fans, but just saying.
  • This is what Wrigley Field looked like as of a couple of weeks ago. There’s still time before opening day, so hopefully this renovation will go better than the Chicago Cubslast big one.
  • Does an “asteroid the size of a sports stadium” zooming past Earth count as stadium news? It does to my custom RSS feed for “stadium” news, so enjoy!

13 comments on “Friday roundup: Crew claps back at Modell Law suit, Cincy mayor thinks his citizens are dumb, Wrigley Field is a construction zone again

  1. The Cincinnati link is well worth clicking. Best quote is the mayor saying the soccer stadium is “exactly like” expanding the local Children’s Hospital.

    • I, for one, think sick children would love to get medical treatment while watching a soccer game. Win-win people!

  2. This tidbit from Sacramento:

    I love the part where the Kings claim that half of the condos have been sold, yet the county has recorded zero sales.

    I give them 2 years, tops, before SBH looks to renegotiate the terms of their repayment schedule. Sacramento WILL eventually own 100% of the arena. But really, you should see the area around the arena in person. It’s a mess, and I’d bet SBH won’t have enough money to finish the job. I figure this will be framed as giving the City an opportunity to share in the financial bounty that is just around the corner, and the City will have no choice but to go along with it.

    • Oh yeah, by the way the Kings suck again this year and because of this many people aren’t attending games. A friend of mine tells me that he can get tickets to Kings games for free just by hanging out front before game time. Season ticket holders can’t always sell their tickets even though they go for around $15.00 on Stubhub. Even the Laker games don’t sell out, or even come close.

      • When I go to games, the arena seems half-empty. The only games where all seats are full are against the Warriors. It’s practically a home game for the Warriors.

  3. The date on the Wrigley aerials popup image is 19 Feb…. but still, it’s a lot of work to get done in another 3wks.

    Is Ricketts paying for this himself or is some national monuments legislation forcing the public to pay to completely modify this historic edifice?

  4. A tidbit from Wintrust Arena in Chicago:

    DePaul is averaging just under 3k in turnstile count this season (about 6k in paid+freebies attendance). The cost study said they need to average 9.5k (unsure if this is turnstile or paid) to break even. Surprising no one who’s been even casually aware of DePaul attendance over the last decade or so, except maybe the firm that did the cost study, they are nowhere close.

    • Money wasted on building Wintrust Arena when DePaul could have gone to the Sears Centre, even though the Chicago Bulls’ minor basketball league franchise play their home games there.

  5. Regarding:
    “Oakland Raiders management says it has identified room for 27,000 parking spaces within 1.5 miles of its Las Vegas stadium, and 100,000 spaces within three miles.”

    How many spaces will be contiguous to the stadium?

  6. I don’t think people would want to walk a half mile to get to the Vegas stadium, let alone 1.5 miles or 3 miles. The guy’s delusional.

  7. Well, here’s another tidbit from Sacramento: The owner wrote an op-ed piece for the Bee today in which there is no longer any mention of the Lake Washington cruise ship idea; this talk has been replaced with… I can’t believe I’m typing this, please allow me to clean the coffee from my keyboard… talk of AirBnB.

    Between this dumb plan and stiffing the contractor who built the hotel, and zero sales of their condos on top of that hotel, plus a lot of delayed projects in DOCO, the warning signs are all over the place.

    I think the entire thing has buckled, and they’re just not talking about it. How can SBH pay the City their annual $6M when they can’t pay the building contractor $36M? All the signs are there. It’s just a matter of opening your eyes.