Friday roundup: Coyotes seek investors, Detroit MLS stadium deal maybe not dead after all, and new stadium fireworks renderings!

So much news! Let’s get right to it:

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8 comments on “Friday roundup: Coyotes seek investors, Detroit MLS stadium deal maybe not dead after all, and new stadium fireworks renderings!

  1. New soccer stadium no longer part of Gilbert’s plans in Detroit. Plan is that the new team would play at Ford Field. Since Ford Field is an indoor stadium, this bid is effectively dead.

    1. Source to confirm that? I know that Gilbert shifted his plans to use Ford Field, but I’m not seeing anything that he can’t switch gears again.

      (If it’s just a giant subsidy for something other than a soccer stadium, of course, it’s not much better.)

      1. The $300 million from the county is directly to go for the cost of new jail/justice complex with Gilbert covering anything beyond that with some classes for how much money the county could get back if the project comes in under budget. I wouldn’t consider that a subsidy. In addition, this puts a cap on the cost to the county, which was not an option with the bid recieved to complete the “fail jail.”

  2. I’ve adjusted the headline to acknowledge that we don’t know exactly what’s up with the Detroit land swap, FYI.

  3. I do have to say, at least the Phoenix Rising’s stadium is all privately financed, unlike all of the other major sports teams in Arizona.

  4. Richard Burke
    Steve Ellman
    Jerry Moyes
    the National Hockey League
    Ice Edge (eventually, Gosbee/LeBlanc)
    Barroway (more or less alone as near as I can tell)….

    Am I missing anyone? Everyone on this list lost money owning the Coyotes… and not small money either.

    The original owner, Burke, said he would have lost less money if he had kept the team in Winnipeg (where it lost about $20m in 1996 dollars in it’s last season)

    Moyes claimed to have lost more than $100m on the team (though some doubt this figure).

    The NHL ridiculed Moyes’ claims of $40m+ annual operating losses…. then proceeded to lose $76m over two seasons operating the club (arena subsidies and revenue sharing included!)

    Ice Edge were guaranteed $15m annually from the city and a full revenue share from the league (essentially the qualification rules were eliminated for the Coyotes, meaning they qualified for $18m+ automatically) and STILL lost money on operations.

    The total operating loss this franchise has accrued in it’s two decades in the desert is approaching $250m… and that doesn’t count the cost of the arena the city built for them or court costs associated with it’s ongoing failure.

    Man, that is some business… Barroway was lucky to pry it away from it’s former owners…

  5. I see Bettman also noted that the Coyotes “cannot remain” at the current arena.

    So, all potential arena funding/building/non-revenue earning municipal partners, remember this: the team you are being asked to lure to your Burgh has declared it’s (still state of the art, btw) 14yr old arena to be unsuitable.

    The line for potential subsidizing communities forms to the left….

  6. So is there a reason why Arlington can’t use College Park Center as its go to venue for e-sport events?

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