Community group wants Inglewood investigated for flouting open meetings laws in Clippers arena deal

An Inglewood citizen group with the best name ever — Inglewood Residents Against Taking and Eviction, or IRATE — is asking the Los Angeles D.A.’s office to investigate the Inglewood city council for violating open meeting laws in approving a new Clippers arena:

Residents learned about the project on June 15, 2017, at a special meeting of the city council. The documents suggest that backers of the arena may have purposely used a special meeting because it required just 24 hours public notice, while a regular meeting requires 72 hours notice. The meeting agenda didn’t mention the arena or the Clippers, but gave an obscure name of a related company negotiating the deal…

Residents would see only that the meeting involved Murphy’s Bowl LLC, an entity formed in January 2017 in Delaware. It has one member, Steven Ballmer, the owner of the Clippers, according to court records.

The Inglewood City Council’s regular meetings are held on alternate Tuesdays, but there wasn’t one on Tuesday, June 13. Instead, there was a special meeting on Thursday, which only required the agenda to be posted 24 hours in advance.

That is pretty bad, though still not quite as bad as Cobb County officials hiding in hallways to evade open meetings laws while negotiating an Atlanta Braves stadium deal.

The KCET reporting on the IRATE suit doesn’t make clear what the group hopes to accomplish by getting the D.A. to investigate — I mean, clearly it wants to block the arena, but would this be by forcing a re-vote by the city council or what? It all makes Mayor James Butts’ contention that no California residents are upset about the arena that much more laughable, though, and since the internet is driven pretty much entirely by outrage and schadenfreude, please, go ahead and laugh!


7 comments on “Community group wants Inglewood investigated for flouting open meetings laws in Clippers arena deal

  1. Butts is, by far, the most disreputable politician in Southern California. The arena agreement and resulting MSG lawsuit might be his downfall.

    The Inglewood council also forced through huge video billboards that hang over the main boulevard entrances to the city.

  2. This is some truly crazy urban “planning.” They’ve got The Forum apparently doing well with concerts and other events and then decide that a new arena within just a few miles is a good idea? Initially both arenas would be hurt by competing for events but the new place would have the upper hand and the end result could very well be The Forum having to close which would leave the city with a huge white elephant sitting empty, likely needing to be torn down.

    • Since the Forum is adjacent to Hollywood Park, Kroenke could easily buy the land to extend the development.

      How this likely ends:
      MSG gets management/booking on the new Clippers arena, Kroenke buys the Forum and develops the land.

  3. I’d laugh if it was funny (don’t worry, I did catch your drift).

    Being IRATE is the only rational response. This is disgusting.