Dodger Stadium springs a sewage leak, time to build a new one

Last night’s spring training game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels was called off in the 5th inning after a giant pool of sewage poured out on the field from a broken pipe. Guess it’s time for the Dodgers to demand a new stadium, huh?

(I have nothing else to add about this story, except to give props to the Associated Press for the opening line of their report: “Spring training came to a repulsive end Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium.” Sheer journalistic poetry.)

11 comments on “Dodger Stadium springs a sewage leak, time to build a new one

  1. I could of sworn this happened to the Angels at their stadium a few years ago and that some people were legit using it as a call for a new stadium….

    • I’m pretty sure that’s meant as an offensive remark, but I’m not sure who it’s directed at.

  2. Its great to be a fan of the Orange and Black(Giants)

    Watching the Dongers choke in the world series was epic. Watching Donger stadium flush is even greater!!!!!

    The Giants are back and will win the NL West!!!

    Adios Dongers.

  3. Anew year a new choke job at Telemundo stadium. What will it be this year?

    Kershaw has maxed out his choke card. The team already choked a World Series?

    We shall see!

    Go Giants!!

  4. Twenty years of running this site, and this is the first attempt at using it to start a Dodgers-Giants flamewar.

    • Whats nice is that no one has taken the bait….more important things to talk about. Maybe the tide is turning!