Friday roundup: Rangers to keep empty ballpark, football Hall of Fame seeks bailout, Goodell dreams of a new Bills stadium

Happy baseball season! Unless you’re a Miami Marlins fan, in which case it’s already ruined. But anyway:

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19 comments on “Friday roundup: Rangers to keep empty ballpark, football Hall of Fame seeks bailout, Goodell dreams of a new Bills stadium

  1. County land for the potential hockey arena is in Metford. Its the developer who is from Bayville.

    Also even if Long Island is expensive why would such an arena need to cost 120 million for what will probably end up hosting an ECHL team?

    1. Thanks for the correction. You mean Medford, right? (For all I know there’s a Metford on Long Island too. That’d be just like them.)

  2. Neil…any word on whether or not the existing “globe life park” subsidies will transfer over to the Rangers with the new stadium hotel and entertainment district next door… Or would their vacancy change things…

  3. You know what else is a bargain? That Mercedes I’ve been eyeing. I mean, have you seen the price tag on Lamborghinis??

  4. “The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s $1 billion expansion project is over budget and in financial trouble — in case you couldn’t have guessed that from “$1 billion expansion project” —””

    WTF is going on? I have seen a lot of misguided “tourism generation” spending over the years, but that is just an insane amount of money on a museum in a rough part of the country economically which most people only care to go to once if at all. How on earth are they conceivably generating enough traffic for that? I doubt it would pencil out if the museum was in Chicago or New York, much less Canton.

    1. Will the HOF threaten to move to another city? Scranton, PA would be an excellent location for the POF HOF.

    2. It is a sad commentary when people believe that stadiums, museums, and shopping malls can have a “transformative” effect on cities when actual tax-paying employers leave.

      Industrialists have been replaced in our society by real estate developers, who struggle to explain who exactly is going to shop or visit.

      1. That it is. The greater insult is that the developers don’t even seem to need to explain how this will be better in order to get approval (and sometimes, public funding).

        Perhaps this is the twilight of the human race after all.

  5. “Morocco is touting its “very low gun circulation” as a plus for its 2026 World Cup bid against North America.”

    This, while gun-controlled Chicago and its very HIGH gun circulation wants no part of World Cup 2026 (and FIFA’s decade-spanning concessions). Sounds like a win-win.

    1. The games would not have been played in the high gun part of the city. It’s not like people are walking up and down Michigan Ave and Grant Park firing off rounds at each other.

    2. Chicago is surrounded by unrestricted gun jurisdictions. NYC has gun regulation, so do the surrounding areas, and gun death rates are really low.

      1. As long as the Air Conditioners have the same personality as the one from Brave Little Toaster.

    1. I feel their pain, it seems such a shame to tear down a perfectly good ballpark.

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