Beckham’s Miami MLS team has yet another stadium site frontrunner

If it seems like David Beckham’s would-be MLS franchise — which, let’s not forget, only exists because he was promised one at a cut-rate price in exchange for gifting the league with his then-aging-but-still-good-for-MLS talents — has been wandering the Miami wilderness in search of a stadium site forever, it’s really only been less than five years, which is still pretty long. But after announcing last month that it would be looking at “five or so sites,” Beckham’s ownership group may be settling on a new frontrunner, the site of a Pepsi distribution center in suburban Doral west of Miami — at least, according to the mayor of Doral:

“In this transaction, It seems like it would be a cleaner process,” said Doral Vice Mayor Ana Maria Rodriguez , who supports a stadium in the growing suburban city. “And no public money would be expended on it.”

Unlike the last frontrunner, a publicly owned (but privately operated) golf course in Melreese, the Doral site wouldn’t have issues with getting in the way of flights landing at the airport, which could allow for taller hotels and such that Beckham and his partners the Mas brothers want to build adjacent to the stadium.

If you’re scoring at home, this would be something like the fifth stadium site to be anointed as the likely stadium site (Miami waterfront, adjacent to Marlins stadium, Overtown, Melreese … are we counting the Marlins site twice since it keeps cropping up?). Doral certainly sounds like it would involve less red tape and has a willing mayor, but until there are more specifics, it’s hard to take any of this too seriously. Wake me when you can actually buy Miami MLS souvenir jerseys.

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