Friday roundup: Spending on training facilities is a bad idea, Portland seeks MLB team, Jays game postponed after roof hit by falling ice

I can’t believe none of you wrote in to ask why I hadn’t reported on a Toronto Blue Jays game getting postponed due to falling ice puncturing a hole in the stadium roof, but I guess you’re all acclimated to waiting for the Friday roundup now for that sort of thing. But wait no longer! (Well, wait a few bullet points for that one in particular.)

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11 comments on “Friday roundup: Spending on training facilities is a bad idea, Portland seeks MLB team, Jays game postponed after roof hit by falling ice

  1. Thanks for the link on the Boise… I feel their pain. The same developer (Greenstone Properties) just completed a $43 million minor league stadium in my hometown:

    1. Rereading that article I’m finding the similarities to be shocking: the “private meetings,” referring to the area as “blighted,” etc. The power point presentations at the bottom of this link pretty well describe the buildup to our stadium.

  2. Ice falling off the CN tower is not really news (it would be in August, however). It’s been happening for many years when weather conditions are conducive to same. Not many years ago they had to close a major thoroughfare because gigantic sheets of ice were plummetting 1200 feet and landing on the road (as I recall, no cars were hit as this started before traffic really picked up, but I might be wrong).

    If the team didn’t own the stadium (D’oh!), they’d probably be clamouring for a new publicly funded facility because ice right now.

    1. The history of Portland trying to get a NFL & or MLB team amuses me. If “Lets build Oregonian Astrodome.” didn’t happen in the 60s I doubt anything will happen.

      1. I’m sorry I keep clicking reply to other posts and then refresh the page thinking it won’t end up as a reply.

        But yeah didn’t Rogers Center get renovation money pumped into it when the Argonauts left? I doubt the Jays will be leaving the place any time soon.

        1. No worries Ben. Yes, the parent company of the Jays have spent (gasp!) their own money to make some changes to the dome. These actually started before the Argonauts were given the boot, but digging up the floor to put actual infield dirt down (rather than the Vet style sliding pits) has happened recently (I think before the 2017 season, but am not sure).

          1. The sliding pits were removed before start of the 2016 season. The SkyDome was the last stadium with sliding pits at the MLB level, but they’re still used overseas in some Japanese ball parks (like the Tokyo Dome)

  3. The LA stadium sounds interesting. I’m not a huge fan of American soccer “fans” simply copying European and South American models in a somewhat snobbish manner (calling oneself a “supporter” rather than a “fan” has a rather preposterous air). That said–standing can be a fun way to watch the game if it is policed (and self-policed) properly. . . as old of a tradition as the game itself.

    Still, the standard for intimidating may be Dortmund’s “Yellow Wall” of 25,000 standing spectators, with seats that can be flipped down for international matches.

    As for the Revs…it isn’t clear if they want to buy the land or just have it rezoned. It is as dire of a stretch of road as there is in Massachusetts and a generally miserable stadium experience already, so why not?

  4. The Athletics have the greatest fans in baseball, they will not be moving. With such a loyal fan base, there is no the MLB would let this prized franchise move.

    I hope this post meets the tyrannical standards of the Adolph Demauze.

    1. Has some independent agency rated the A’s fans the greatest in baseball? And if so, was it all 1,200 of them that were given that accolade?

      Or is this comment an opinion only?

    2. On tyranny: You can call me whatever names you want, but do it to other commenters and you end up in the penalty box.

      Hope that’s clear enough.

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