Friday roundup: NBA to KC unfounded rumor, Rangers mulling fake turf, Indians seek taxpayer-funded ticket booth removal

I know you’re eager to stop thinking about stadiums (or anything) and enjoy the three-day weekend (if you’re in the U.S., that is; other readers are probably baffled by what I’m talking about), so enough with all these parentheticals already and let’s get to this:

16 comments on “Friday roundup: NBA to KC unfounded rumor, Rangers mulling fake turf, Indians seek taxpayer-funded ticket booth removal

    • Kansas City already has a professional basketball team. It’s called the Kansas Jayhawks.

    • He should name them the “Nothing Else to Lose.” Janis Joplin would appreciate that.

    • Bu that space could be filled with another food tall or shop and then rented out? Think of the missing rental revenue! I mean you cannot expect the team to dip into their precious precious revenue to pay for their expenses. That is for regular business!

      Others must cover their business expenses!

  1. Article in the Journal Sentinel today about layoffs from the closing of Milwaukee’s Bradley Center. Hopefully they’re all butlers who can transition to the new arena

  2. Little Caesars Arena named Sports Facility of the Year

  3. Sporting landscape on the move (and not just in Cleveland):

    1978: The team employs ticket takers/vendors, pays rent in one form or another on the publicly funded stadium it plays in and charges customers a fee to enter the building to watch games.

    2018: The team no longer employs ticket takers, typically does not pay rent or contribute to capital upgrades on the (new) facility it plays in, and charges customers both a fee for a place in line to buy tickets and a fee to enter the building to watch each game. Team also imposes special ticket processing fees despite the fact that they no longer pay ticket takers or print actual tickets.

    Like I’ve said before, they only thing they have left is to charge us for the privilege of leaving the stadium as well (insert Marlins or, this year, Mets joke here).

    We sports fans are nothing but fools.


      Now I thoroughly expect to see “Yankees announce exit fees, Steinbrenner says ‘temporary measure\'”

  4. As has been pointed out by others on the internet, the Freedom name is likely a reference to Miami’s Freedom Tower, built in 1925 and later used to process refugees fleeing from Cuba in the 60’s. A little more thoughtful than it appears at first blush.

  5. Mr Barroway has THREE options for a new arena?

    I thought this was Memorial Day, not Aprils Fools’ Day!

    • Funny how Mr. Daly stated the same thing (three to four arena options) almost a year ago to the day.

      • Almost exactly a decade ago Bettman claimed there were “many, many” enthusiastic potential owners for the club (which was then in Az bankruptcy court).

        Turned out the winning bidder was…. the NHL itself – Who proceeded to lose $74m operating the club over the next two years after publicly stating that the previous owner’s (Jerry Moyes) claim of $40m annual operating losses was “ridiculous”.

        Hmmmn. Maybe there’s a pattern here…

        • Don’t forget the city of Glendale paid the NHL $50 million to subsidize the Coyotes.