Friday roundup: The news media are collectively losing their goddamn minds edition

It’s a full slate this week, so let’s do this!

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14 comments on “Friday roundup: The news media are collectively losing their goddamn minds edition

  1. Any stadium space used on art is lost revenue. There could just as easily be a revenue producing Schlitz Malt Liquor sign where that Picasso hangs.

  2. All of this shit infuriates me, but the public subsidy to help a perfectly profitable business with a perfectly fine facility install a 175 seat Brew Pub really makes me want to just right off our society as a failure and start over.

    1. The only way they could make this more offensive is if the brew pub was not open to fans or members of the public at all but existed solely for the use of members of the owner’s family (with the taxpayers paying the operating and staffing costs, of course).

      I hope there will be some sort of announcement when the revolution starts?

    2. For Seattle, with it’s past political and public harangues against taxpayer subsidies for stadiums and billionaire team owners, it’s surprising that there hasn’t been a peep about the Safeco subsidy among the citizenry and the political class. The indifference may be due to the public being primarily occupied with the issue of tax dollars subsidizing housing for the increasing homeless population, e.g., proposed head tax on business which has resulted in broad opposition from business and some of the public.

  3. I have no idea who Steve Smith of Ronkonkoma is but his failure to acknowledge the LI Ducks & Bethpage Park’s existence saddens me.

  4. Enjoyed the SkyDome redux Neil.

    As I suspect you know, after the Jays ‘negotiated’ lease concessions worth the $72m, driving the new stadium ownership group into bankruptcy (SportCo followed the Provincially funded StadCo down the drain, I believe), the stadium was put up for sale again and was purchase for around $25m by… you guessed it, the team’s new owners…

    So the $600m+ (I know some people who’ve looked at the actual numbers have suggested the “true” total construction and debt servicing costs up to the point that Ontario Gov’t pulled the ‘chute’ was closer to $800m, though that may have been C$) stadium was first sold for $151m, then knocked down to $25m.

    It takes a special kind of stupid to do something like this… but at least the team now owns the building and all obligations thereof.

    Did you ever find out if they stadium did get some kind of property tax abatement? I know that the Canadiens complained about their $10m annual property tax bill at the (then) Molson centre (and eventually got some form of relief)… so $12m for SkyDome seems a tad light in the first place. Both buildings are in relatively high rent districts…

  5. In rocket science they talk about Big Dumb Boosters, BDBs. After spending a fortune on deluxe, reusable shuttles, they came to realize simple, disposable, boosters were more cost efficient. Canada needs to get over it’s crazy fixation with retractable domes, lowering roofs, baseball/track, and football/hockey megaplexes. They should build single use, smaller, dumber stadiums. SDSs. Come one it’s not rocket science.

  6. Great story about the Skydome. Since it was built, Toronto’s condo boom
    has had the Skydome surrounded by tall generic skyscrapers give it a more
    iconic look than ever before. Too bad not great place to watch a baseball game or any other sporting event.

    1. Will be going to the former SkyDome for the first time in two years next month. Hope the viewing is acceptable to watch The Foo Fighters.

  7. If you adjust for different sizes of the countries there was this year a 4th level German Soccer promotion game (Regionalliga champions trying to get a 3.BL spot) that had more viewers than any of the MLS playoff games in the last 10 years.

    MLS does get generally good attendance by international standards but that interest seems thin when you take in the consistently poor TV numbers.

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