Miami puts off David Beckham stadium vote after learning he wants to build it on a toxic waste dump

David Beckham’s latest Miami stadium plan is, shockingly, already not off to a good start: The five-member city of Miami commission voted yesterday to put off a vote on approving a land lease for Beckham’s stadium, with two members (Willy Gort and Manolo Reyes) outright opposed and a third, Ken Russell, worried about wages on the stadium project and cleanup costs, according to WPLG-TV. And even if the commission eventually approves it, that just allows a public vote in November, and after the Marlins stadium fiasco anything with “stadium” in it automatically gets half of south Florida reflexively hating it.

So what’s that about cleanup costs, anyway? What, did Beckham and his partners manage to find a plot of land that’s a toxic waste dump or something oh my god:

Virtually everyone seems to have missed a huge problem with the site: Melreese sits atop a giant pile of toxic waste.

A New Times review of more than a decade of tests at Melreese by the county’s Department of Environmental Resources Management and interviews with DERM officials as well as environmentalists make it clear that any developer building on the golf course would have to undertake a massive cleanup that could add millions in costs and lengthy delays…

“The cost to clean this up is going to be astronomical,” says David Villano, a journalist and activist who has written extensively for New Times about the toxicincineratorashunder Miami parks. “Before they put this decision to voters, and before the city commission considers leasing that property, the conversation about incinerator ash needs to be front and center. This is a toxic landfill.”

Beckham, keep on Beckhaming.

7 comments on “Miami puts off David Beckham stadium vote after learning he wants to build it on a toxic waste dump

  1. How long until other MLS owners attempt to buy the rights to the Miami franchise from David Beckham and resell them to someone like Stephen Ross that already has a stadium ready to go? It seems like Beckham will never be able to get anything off the ground and it would be in the best interest of MLS to buy him out.

    • MLS I believe we’re in brief talks years back about joining MLS. Ross like the Glazer’s in Tampa don’t believe in development of an American league and would rather push the European super clubs. Ross is directly involved with the international cup played on American soil each July prior to the start of the European season.

  2. So, um. Oops?
    The shocking thing is that no-one ‘involved’ seems to have brought this up before. Of course, since Mas/Beckham/Mas only dropped this item in their laps a week or two ago….

    • Mas has agreed to 100% of clean up. What I find hypocritical, is the fact that the same people crying about the possibility of the first tee having to relocate a mile away kept this a secret from children and their parents.

  3. Oh, and I like the part where Beckham’s group hired the aunt of one of Miami’s commissioners to lobby the city in relation to the stadium.

    Ah, Florida. If only it was just you doing this…