Friday roundup: Delayed votes, poorly considered tributes, and a no-LeBron loan offer

Greetings from my undisclosed location! I have time for an abbreviated news roundup this week:

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11 comments on “Friday roundup: Delayed votes, poorly considered tributes, and a no-LeBron loan offer

  1. Austin vote delayed to next Wednesday:

  2. The TB Times also accidentally refers to the Gas Plant District as the Gas Light District. Freudian slip much?

  3. Interesting.
    Generally when a team holds a “name the franchise” contest, there are a bunch of loser names which are obviously going to be discarded and one which the owner slips in which s/he actually wants. This is what passes for “fan input” today.

    The Sky Sox (what was wrong with that name?) appear to have eschewed any non-ridiculous option this time around…

    All professional sports teams seeking public funding for facilities (and often as not, some form of direct or indirect operating subsidy to play in the stadium they didn’t pay for) should be named “Leeches”

    1. I live in Colorado Springs and there are two prevailing theories regarding the crazy names.
      1. It’s just a marketing ploy to get attention and that ownership will reject all of those names at the last minute in favor of something else.
      2. Since this new team will be a rookie league club taking the place of the departing AAA team (a huge dropoff in talent level plus the rookie league season is super-short starting in mid June) ownership believes a crazy name is the only way to drum up any interest.

      1. I’d believe either (or both) Jeff. I guess we aren’t yet past the era when team owners believe having teams named after/dressed as transformers or superheroes (you know it’s next…) is the only way to get youngsters into the seats and bring their parents…

  4. …. and I see that one of the exterior images of the proposed new downtown(ish) stadium includes what appears to be a mugging in progress.

    Hmmn. Insert your own joke here.

  5. To be fair, I believe there have been a “Sky Sox” in Colorado Springs before, so I think the name has some history.


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