NBA commissioner: The business of America is America’s sports business

The Milwaukee Bucks‘ new arena had a ribbon-cutting and open house this weekend, and there are lots and lots and lots of slideshows and quotes from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar online if you’re interested in that sort of thing, but I would like to focus on just one quote, from NBA commissioner Adam Silver:

“I have to say government works in Milwaukee.”

Yep, that’s what the leader of North America’s most self-consciously woke sports league had to say about an arena approval process that involved spending around half a billion dollars in public money over the objection of pretty much everybody in the city by employing the promise of a magic basketball while hoping nobody would notice that the otherwise virulently anti-tax governor’s fundraising chair was a co-owner of the team, then giving additional subsidies to a company that then turned around and used the cash to buy naming rights for the arena, money that will all go to the Bucks owners, not the public. But it all ended with government building an arena for Adam Silver’s business partners with somebody else’s money, and that’s what democracy is all about, right?

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14 comments on “NBA commissioner: The business of America is America’s sports business

  1. The last paragraph may be the best epitaph for this country ever written.

    In fairness to Silver, he didn’t specify for whom the Government in Milwaukee actually works, just that it “does”. At least for he and his co-conspirators.

  2. Arizona Taxpayers Owe Nothing To Diamondbacks, Coyotes Or Suns

  3. There’s a YouTuber who refers to the NBA as “the most woke league of sports”…I thought he was the only one who observed and acknowledged that LOL

      1. Lots of people do mean it as a compliment (and others an insult). It gets a lot of credit for the minor concessions it makes to its diverse player base and audience that are mostly not of much substance.

        People’s impression of businesses and their ethical reputation versus their actions is a really interesting topic.

  4. The NBA might be one of the least diverse leagues in the world, unless it’s only being compared to the NHL & NFL.


      It’s not the Premier League, no, but that’s not bad for a sport that until relatively recently was only played in one country.

      1. I guess what your definition of diverse is. A league where all the players are 5 ft tall and 80% of the the players are Asian wouldn’t be considered diverse, yet the NBA is.

    2. Its a polite way of saying “black”. Need to use a lot of euphemisms in the US. Everyone is very touchy.

      1. People mean a lot of different things by “diverse” — I’ve actually studied this some for Brooklyn Wars, and talked to a researcher who’s looked at the history of the term — but hardly any of them mean “black” by it.

        Anyway, we were talking here about “woke,” which also means a lot of different things to different people, but none of them have squat to do with the racial identity of the people in question.

  5. The business of some owners is graft.

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