Friday roundup: A farewell to Baby Cakes, and other stadium news

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a week since a week ago — but then, looking at all the stadium news packed up like cordwood, it’s actually not:

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8 comments on “Friday roundup: A farewell to Baby Cakes, and other stadium news

  1. The Charlotte newspaper should probably pay attention to what the new Panthers owner Tepper will call his franchise and where they will play.

  2. I guess you’ll have some new material from a Southern League city soon with the big stadium the Baby Cakes leave behind needing a tenant.

  3. “Which isn’t a whole lot of money, but still, why, Gov. Cuomo, why?”

    Because election year and Donald Trump is a doo doo head and standing up to Trump to spite doing stupid things himself if we’re going by the logic of his ads during Jeopardy.

    1. Watching Jeopardy in NYS requires combat pay right now. How many more days before the primary?

  4. Rich DeVos, the godfather of Amway and the owner of the Orlando Magic — whose current arena, of course, was built using a nine-figure handout that he demanded, and is named after the aforementioned company — passed away this past Thursday.

    The rules of civility and decorum suggest that speaking ill of the dead is strongly frowned upon, so I’ll just stop here.

    1. I don’t care about the rules of decorum at all.

      Fuck Rich Devos, he was a scummy guy who built a business based and harming and exploiting gullible people, and his sociopathic, greedy behavior obviously extended to the realm of extracting subsidies for businesses he didn’t need.

      It is great for humanity that he is dead and we should all rejoice. If more people like him died the world would be a much better place.

      1. Speaking of Amway, I’ve got 4200 lbs of Nutrilite vitamins scattered throughout my living room (in case anyone is interested in coming to pick them up). I accept money orders.

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