Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums still being built by slave labor, can’t wait to see how Fox Sports covers this

Just your daily reminder that the 2022 World Cup stadiums are being built by workers who aren’t getting paid, or as it’s better known historically, slave labor. From Amnesty International, via the Associated Press:

Mercury MENA worked on several projects in Qatar, including the stadium, the new Qatar National Library and a workers’ hospital and modern accommodation for labourers, Amnesty said. Workers told the human rights-focused non-governmental organisation that the firm owed them on average between $1,370 to $2,470, a huge sum for their families back home. It said one worker was owed nearly $25,000 after over a decade of work.

That’s right, math fans: One poor migrant worker spent more than ten years building stadiums and such, despite his employer stiffing him on $25,000 in pay, yet couldn’t leave because Qatari law requires an employer-signed “exit permit” before they can go home. This is the year 2018.

You can read the full Amnesty report here. Or just crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head, both are acceptable responses.

20 comments on “Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums still being built by slave labor, can’t wait to see how Fox Sports covers this

  1. Horrible ! And many workers end up dying on the job. Will assume Fox will handle same way CBS & other networks handle covering college football killing 28 players in past few years during off season drills alone !

    • There’s quite a difference between players dying as a result of a choice of doing something they love vs. forced labor.

      • Given the economic situation of many college football players, and the fact that they’re also unpaid for their labor in the hopes of a future payday, maybe not so much.

      • There is a large portion of society out there that consider college football players to be slave labor. So maybe not as much as you think ?

      • While it’s true that the migrant workers (as we are supposed to call them?) cannot leave without a special permit and many have not been paid, that is only part of the horror.

        These workers had to apply to recruiting companies (in some cases western or US based) to get these crap jobs in the first place. In many cases, the workers also had to agree to forfeit significant percentages of the money they will earn on the project as a “fee” to the recruiters (anyone familiar with immigrant consultants fleecing their clients will be familiar with this also).

        So, yes, Qatar has a terrible record on this. And they should rightly be criticized. But so should the many esteemed corporations that help them to do it.

  2. I don’t mind paying ball players when I buy a ticket or watch a game on TV, but I stopped watching national team soccer when Qatar was announced. About what we deserve from FIFA.

  3. Sweet run for FIFA. Brazil builds stadiums while letting their museums burn to the ground immediately followed up by slave labor building stadiums. I’m guessing they’ll be bulldozing orphanages with the orphans still inside for the next Cup.

    • Still those SOB’s at FIFA can never be compared to the child molesters working as coaches and trainers at the NCAA.

      • Dude, I get you like soccer. Many people do. But your efforts at deflecting are sad and you really should consider a broader perspective. Rampant “whataboutism” on Michigan State/US gymnastics is a pretty weak(and unneeded defense) of soccer..l

        In the name of “promoting soccer” FIFA officials stole an incredible amount of money from the players who needed it. They also did nothing for years to counter rampant human trafficking of young players. Global issue vs. national issue.

        So I guess there’s room to disagree on “relative scale”. but throwing around such terms just makes you sound like Elon Musk

        • Successful entrepreneur and visionary, I’ll take that. But I guess we can all agree they are all very bad people.

      • You’re right. There is no comparison. FIFA is far worse than anybody we’ve seen in the NCAA. If for no other reason because their corruption and abuses are so longstanding and across the board.

        Sure, individual coaches and programs do bad things. But with FIFA it’s the equivalent of imagining that Jerry Sandusky and Nasser were executives working for the NCAA.

        • Wow, didn’t think taking a cheap shot at murders and child molesters would cause people to come to their defense. It might not be against the law for college football coach to run an obese player to his death doing wind sprints, but he’s still a murderer and part of an NCAA which is in place to protect the player and not cover up for the schools that cover up for the murderers and child molesters. Sorry, but in the world l live in white collar criminals are behind child molester and murderer. BTW l have a friend that got out of prison two years ago and according to him child molester usually don’t last a year. Goodbye Nassar.

  4. I also have read that North Korea has sent workers there and have been “managing” their pay as well.

    I can’t see how we fought apartheid and now we are walking into this blindly…I don’t know why BLM hasn’t been all over this, unless it’s only because of only black lives matter to them. Slavery shouldn’t be politicized.

    • DPRK sends workers to all kinds of countries (including Germany, so look over that new Karcher pressure washer you bought carefully for “help me” notes scratched in to the plastic), and they certainly aren’t the only ones withholding pay.

      In fact, if you look up “Export Processing Zones” you will find some interesting information about countries that you might have imagined would know better.

      Now, about those prisoners fighting fires in California for $1 an hour….

  5. I think you all know how Fox News will spin this….

    They will have an impossibly beautiful newsreader/spokesmodel sit at a desk and announce a wonderful human interest story about volunteerism being up across Qatar and everyone pitching in to help get these beautiful new facilities built on time.

    And, of course, the really bizarre thing about all this is that the Qataris (whom we are taught to despise) are actually significantly less oppressive than several of the regimes in the area with which we hold prized (and contractually valuable) state friendships. I’m sure you can list the names just as easily as I can….

    • Right, I meant Fox Sports, since they have the 2022 World Cup rights. Probably about the same, though.

      • Disney bought up the fox movie entity and a few other pieces. But the tv stations, fox business, Fox News, and fox sports were left with the shareholders. So yes Fox News and fox sports are probably on equal footing in that regard.

  6. Religion of Peace strikes again. Remember how all those movie reviewers denounced “Sex and the City 2” as anti-Muslim and blatantly racist, Roger Ebert giving it one star?

    But soccer is the beautiful game.

    • What exactly does Qatar being Muslim have to do with this?

      (I’m not even going to ask about Roger Ebert.)

  7. Wow, that is an amazing deal for ownership. Us NFL guys have tried for years to get our stadiums built with slave labor but there are all these silly laws and stuff getting in the way. We need to think about a franchise in Qatar!