Friday roundup: Bad MLB attendance, bad CFL loans, bad temporary Raiders relocation ideas

And in other news:

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12 comments on “Friday roundup: Bad MLB attendance, bad CFL loans, bad temporary Raiders relocation ideas

  1. Wow, so with the news from Camden, now three stadiums built in the early 2000s for the independent Atlantic League in distressed northeastern cities (Camden, Bridgeport, Newark) are in the process of demolition. There’s probably a lesson to not base your city’s “renaissance” on a palace for fly-by-night independent baseball, but I doubt anyone will listen.

    1. In fairness to Bridgeport they are converting their park into a “boutique” amphitheater… a market with already established outdoor venues.

      May end up being a dumb idea for other reasons but at least its more forward thinking than Newark & Camden….

  2. The stadium protests in Germany are primarily about kickoff times, not ticket prices. German fans (who follow teams) do not like late weeknight starts that make it hard in particular to travel as an away fan.

    German tickets are available at low prices and people know this, so not sure why the article tries to describe fans as whiny. I was shocked to see beer cost 5 bucks this year.

  3. MLBs ticket pricing is absolutely broken. After a number of years away returned to usually-mediocre Philadelphia and found a decent ticket costs $38 bucks. Given the StubHub glut in most towns, and the atrocious product put out by self-imploded teams, most teams won’t see a lot of repeat business. I certainly passed and went to a AAA game.

    Boras is probably right. For every Houston there’s probably five teams playing fans for suckers and not paying for competent, established fans layers—all while taking the public’s tax money. And perhaps with these conditions 16-20k is what a small city team is going to draw.

    1. Speed up games, start play-off games earlier, lower ticket prices, ( you can keep controllable prices, like food and beer, high), shorten season. Those are my tips for baseball. Most kids simply don’t grow up with the word series or play-offs because the games start so late and are so slow, kids never seen the end.

      1. All good ideas. It’s funny to watch debates on speed of play because the majority love the idea of speeding things up but there are a few old-timers (just like there always are in baseball) who think the sky is falling. We have a minor league team in my city so I was probably more aware than some others that they’d been experimenting with pitch clocks for the past several years but it really blew me away to see how many supposedly big-time MLB fans had never even heard of the idea before Manfred mentioned it. Just another example of how in-the-box and head-in-the-sand some of those old time fans are.

  4. I believe the biggest attendance drops we’re in cities playing under a roof. So Manfred continues the lies. Tanking and high prices are the problem.

  5. A referendum was filed to force SafeCo field’s $135M in funding to be put to a public vote. It has to be filed before they collect signatures (they’d need over 40,000) and nobody knows if this group has any backing to pay people to collect signatures.

  6. I’ve said it before, “The Raiders should play up the pirate theme and not have a home stadium.”

  7. It’s come out that part of the Raiders’ negotiation for another year at OACC was relinquishing any rights to sue the team. Also, the legal group filing suit against the Raiders/NFL has promised to defend Oakland in any countersuits, free of charge, should they sign on. I’ve not heard that any continuing lease talks are in progress.

    Feels like the Raiders started burning bridges before they were all the way across.

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