David Beckham actually won something, world to end on Friday

And in yesterday’s stadium- and arena-related election results:

  • David Beckham’s Inter Miami stadium plan will move forward after 60% of Miami voters approved building a soccer venue atop city-owned Melreese golf course. Though as the Miami Herald notes, it will only move forward as far as the city commission, and “those votes were far from assured,” with a four-out-of-five-vote supermajority required for passage. There’s still time for Beckham to grab defeat from the jaws of victory here!
  • San Diego voters appear to have approved San Diego State University’s expansion plans to the site of the old Chargers stadium, with 55% in favor as votes continue to be counted. Only 29% are currently in favor of the competing plan to build a “Soccer City” MLS complex on the site.
  • Inglewood Mayor James Butts was reelected in a landslide, so the Los Angeles Clippers‘ arena plans will continue to move forward, though it still faces a legal challenge.

Next up: Next Wednesday’s big Calgary vote on whether to support the city’s 2026 Olympic bid. Remember to double all results and add 30!

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7 comments on “David Beckham actually won something, world to end on Friday

  1. Miami: “Remember what the Marlins did to us? We’ll never let another sports team try and get one over on us ever again”

    Also Miami: “David Beckham is building a stadium? As in, *that* David Beckham?!? Sign me up!!!”

    1. This is a far, far, FAR less awful deal than the Marlins one was. Which is damning with faint praise, but still.

      1. But not even close to the once the City of Orlando made with Orlando City SC where …. GASP!!!… the team paid for their own stadium and bought land from the city at fair market value.

        1. They also invested in a woman’s franchise and are about to drop 50 million on training facilities.

  2. Given the current anti-regulatory climate it may not matter, but has the proximity to the airport been addressed anywhere? A property that lies 3,500 feet from the end of a runway at a major airport is well within the FAA’s jurisdiction. Something that’s stadium-height with lights atop could be a problem.

    1. That is a concern that is very underplayed. And the FAA has stayed quiet, waiting for a formal plan.

      There is also the not insignificant detail that this is superfund site and needs to be cleaned – and approved by the feds. Who pays for that is anyone’s guess

      1. The team has promised to pay for everything including clean up of toxic site where for years brown & black children were being taught golf on the public dime.

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