Rangers unveil stadium model to show how cool retractable roof will look from passing airplanes

The Texas Rangers owners have moved on from bizarro renderings of their new stadium opening in 2020 to a full working model, albeit one entirely in off-white. Watch the retractable roof retract, and then unretract!

It’s kind of hard to tell what the actual inside of the park — you know, the part where actual humans will go to watch actual baseball — will look like from this video, but there are a couple of clues from screengrabs of this and other angles that have been shared:

Yes, that is apparently a 5th (or 6th?) deck behind home plate and running down the third-base line. It’s impossible to tell exactly how bad the views will be from there or how they’ll compare with the Rangers’ existing stadium’s already pretty bad top-deck views, but I’m going to guess “even more pretty bad.”

Those mystery seats suspended in midair out in left field appear to be connected to some sort of concourse behind the pillars that hold up the roof tracks, so fans will actually be able to reach their seats without a ladder. Whether it’ll be worth the climb is another story, because those seats will be way high up and also 400 feet from home plate, which is no way to watch baseball.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Rangers passed up a chance to stack the lower decks more on top of each other, which would have massively improved views for those in the upper decks (and also made for a more compact and cheaper stadium) at the expense of casting the backs of the lower decks into shadow, which apparently remains verboten in modern stadium design, even in a modern stadium where the whole point of the place is to add a roof that casts everyone into shadow, because the Texas sun is unbearable.

Of course, none of this will matter if you’re fortunate enough not to sit in the cheap seats. But given that the capacity of Globe Life Field is expected to be 40,000 vs. the old Globe Life Park’s 49,000, fewer people are going to be able to fit into the non-cheap seats, meaning some fans used to being in the same zip code as the game are likely going to end up being unpleasantly surprised. But hey, I guess you can enjoy air-conditioning from wherever your seats are, and isn’t that what going to see baseball is all about?

5 comments on “Rangers unveil stadium model to show how cool retractable roof will look from passing airplanes

  1. Neil, You seem a bit angry, sad, and downtrodden about this exciting new stadium. Do you need a hug? The whole article is written from the point of view of someone who is jealous and sad. It is a negative article about a great thing for Arlington, the surrounding areas, and the Rangers. Maybe the roof is there to keep people like you from raining on the parade? Find some happiness my friend.

    • I wouldn’t say angry, sad, or downtrodden describes the emotion I’m feeling. “Schadenfreude” comes closer, or maybe just “facepalm.”

    • Ranger: Please explain how this is a “great thing” for Arlington?

      Also, if you are truly resident in AZ, can we assume you won’t be paying for any of the new stadium for the Rangers?

  2. So, there you have it Rangers’ fans…

    At least 9,000 of you who paid for the current stadium with your tax dollars and are wealthy enough to actually attend from time to time will be paying for the new stadium but will not be able to watch games in it (unless you are willing to outbid your fellow and better heeled fans for the crap cheap seats).

    Oh well. Hopefully you can afford air conditioning at home as well as pay for the air conditioning for the richer Rangers fans who will enjoy it at the new stadium.

    Welcome to the new America. And remember, climate change is a hoax and people aren’t dying from it. But we need an air conditioned stadium anyway and you are going to pay for it.

  3. From the outside it looks very similar to Minute Maid Park in Houston. The upper deck seats look vertigo inducing.