Friday roundup: What time is the Super Bowl article rush going to be over?

It’s too cold to type an intro! I miss the Earth before we broke it. But anyway:

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18 comments on “Friday roundup: What time is the Super Bowl article rush going to be over?

  1. Stossel: Super Bowl of Welfare

  2. If only the Pistons had access to a suburban arena where their fans are (were)….

    Still, since the only solution to a professional sports franchise that people aren’t interested in buying tickets to see is a brand new taxpayers funded arena/stadium, I guess Detroit’s course is clear:

    Time to build a new arena.

    There’s some land out in Auburn Hills that might be coming up for sale in the near future.

  3. Meanwhile, back in a world many of us thought lost (where business owners pay for their own factories or shop space):

      1. Sorry… read the link but did not click on it, obviously… Feel free to just delete if (ok when…) I do that again…

    1. I could have sworn that Kroenkeville was going to set Inglewood back $100M in tax concessions — but the WaPo article is mute on that topic so I must be wrong. I could have also sworn that both Mr. AND Mrs. Ann Walton applied for the loans to build Kroenkeville — but the WaPo article made a point to state that it’s _his money so I must be wrong.

  4. I predict that all off the shiny new Atlanta stadiums will be declared obsolete and replaced (at taxpayer expense) before the current debts are even paid off. The argument that tourists are paying for it all is a poor one. I’m pretty sure that if allowed, people could come up with better ways to spend $2.4 billion than replacing three ~20 year old sports venues.

  5. In other news, the City of Phoenix has sent a letter, to the petitioners, that they will not accept them concerning the city’s recently approved Suns arena renovation vote.

    1. That did not take long.

      Anti-arena group drops referendum on Phoenix Suns arena funding

  6. If artificial grass is unpopular because it is fake turf, then isn’t air conditioning fake climate?

  7. Pistons still can’t fill seats…

    Missing the playoffs 8 out of the last 9 seasons will do that…

  8. Hang on, wait up “…including flyovers by U.S. Customs and Border Protection…” Are they going to shoot at counterfeit t-shirt hawkers from the sky?

  9. Why hosting the Super Bowl isn’t worth it

  10. Will anyone attempt to trigger their “state of the art” clause and say “we want fake coconut shell grass too?”

  11. People don’t want to go to watch a team that changes unpredictably and seems to have no direction. They promote Tobias as the guy, then oh he’s gone. Drummond and Reggie Jackson have been the subject of trade rumors for at least three years. Marcus is gone for Avery Bradley who gets traded half a season in. The only consistent players have been the subject of trade rumors so I’m sure fans have absolutely no clue who they’ll be going to see on any given night. That doesn’t tend to make them want to spend their hard earned money.

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