Bills owners and Erie County start talk of “impactful” “scaled-down” “billion-dollar” stadium

The Buffalo Bills owners said all kindsa stadium-related things the other day, which add up to — well, let’s start by putting them all in one place:

“[Management consulting firm CCA Icon’s owner] said, ‘Listen, this is going to be one of the biggest, most impactful projects to come [to Buffalo] in almost 50 years by the time we get around to it. Just make sure you keep your eyes wide open,'” [Bills co-owner Kim] Pegula said of the conversation with the executive.

“[The CCA Icon owner] said, ‘Keep your eyes, your ears, your head wide open because this is gonna be a game-changer for Western New York.’ So that’s what I’ve been doing,” [Kim] Pegula said. “I’m not going to put any numbers or anything on it.”

“It’s going to take a lot of work from a lot of people. The county, the fans, us, the stadium, the league, the state,” [Kim] Pegula said. “I [want] to make sure that people understood and had the patience. It is going to be a big undertaking with a lot of people involved.”

“I think the answer is probably a scaled-down version of some of these palaces that are being built around the country,” Buffalo Bills co-owner Terry Pegula told reporters Tuesday night as the NFL meeting at the Arizona Biltmore came to a close. “The thing [Los Angeles Rams owner] Stan [Kroenke] is building in L.A. is amazing, Jerry Jones’ facility in Dallas. So we need to do something that’s Buffalo style.”

“It’s pretty extensive, the work [CCA Icon is] doing,” [Terry] Pegula said. “I can’t comment on what the results are because I don’t know. We have dribs and drabs of what they’ve seen so far, but we’re open to any option and we’ll see what the market study says. … We’re waiting for our study to come out to see what all they tell us what our market can support.”

Asked if he would be willing to foot the bill for a new stadium, Terry Pegula said, “I don’t know.”

So put it all together and we have something “big” and a “game-changer” and also “scaled-down” and “Buffalo style” but really they can’t say anything until the market study is done and whether it’ll be a new stadium or renovations and who’ll pay for it is ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . Thanks for the update, Pegulas!

Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz, meanwhile, said that “scaled-down” still probably means “you’ve got to expect at least a billion dollars,” but that “that’s a conversation that we, in the county, as well as the state and the Pegulas will have when the time has come,” which isn’t yet. This is what behavioral economists call anchoring, and if the Pegulas and Erie County eventually propose, say, a $990 million stadium for which New York state taxpayers will only pay $700 million, don’t say you weren’t warned.


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5 comments on “Bills owners and Erie County start talk of “impactful” “scaled-down” “billion-dollar” stadium

  1. I assume “Buffalo style” means that stadium will be covered in hot sauce with giant vats of ranch dressing in the end zones?

  2. Well, allow me to be the first to point out that (the former) Rich stadium is precisely “something that’s Buffalo style”.

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