Friday roundup: Rays stalling on St. Pete stadium talks, Marlins tear out seats to please millennials, Raiders stadium maybe delayed or maybe not

Happy baseball season! Or not-so-happy baseball season, as Deadspin reminded us in two excellent articles this week, one on all the ways from bag-check fees to card-only transactions that teams are using to separate fans from even more of their money, the other on how fans were stuck on endless lines to get into stadium on opening day because of things like paperless ticketing apps that kept crashing. And on those cheery notes, the rest of the rest of the week’s news:

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13 comments on “Friday roundup: Rays stalling on St. Pete stadium talks, Marlins tear out seats to please millennials, Raiders stadium maybe delayed or maybe not

  1. I admit to being an Islander fan who does not want to possibly see my team in Houston or Quebec City. That said, you can debate the pros and cons of a new Islanders Arena @ Belmont Park, but sports fields for the kids at that site should be a non starter. Why? There is already a sports facility @ Alva T Stanforth HS on Hempstead Turnpike in Elmont less then a mile away so it is not needed. Thisis NIMBYISM at it’s worst.

    1. The Islanders are in no danger of moving out out the NY area. The cable TV rights package is too rich to be matched elsewhere.

      1. Hockey mad Quebec City will sell out every game, even if Rogers or some other entity does not pay MSG money.

  2. A large majority of people don’t want to go into a dome to watch baseball on a beautiful day and not be able to see outside. This is the main issue with the Rays stadium.

    1. Wait wait I thought the main reason people don’t go to baseball games is because they’re not air-conditioned? Did the Texas Rangers lie to me?

      1. I thought that the main issue was that people were worried about the rain in florida! Did the weather reports lie to me?

        1. Domes can be built with surrounding glass so that you can see outside. Thanks for the contribution though. Novel concept.

          1. If that’s really the problem, wouldn’t it be way cheaper to just knock some windows through the outer wall of the Trop?

            (Note: I have yet to meet a Rays fan who has said that’s the problem.)

  3. The Tampa story these days is just descending into farce, with the owner taking the kinds of steps and saying the kinds of things you’d expect to hear from a guy with an underwater mortgage and a big balloon payment coming up. If you can’t convince politicians in Tampa Bay of all places to build a stadium on the first, second, or third try–there’s something going on that isn’t good.

  4. Boy that Las Vegas stadium is moving along at a snail’s pace. .At that pace 2021 sounds more realistic.

  5. The Warriors arena is for multi year commitments. Even the largest grossing teams don’t even get halfway to a billion in a single season.

    Chase is paying around $300 to $400 million over 20 years alone so a billion isn’t that big a deal.

    I’ll also add that they seemed to have exceeded the original budget by $300 million.

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