That lady from the Worcester baseball stadium rendering has found her way to the Halifax CFL stadium rendering

The Halifax CFL stadium renderings are out, and are they ever the bestest!

It’s little hard to see the images when they’re that tiny, so let’s blow up, oh, the top right one and:

This is amazing for several reasons, several of which have been spotted by the Halifax Examiner’s Tim Bousquet, who just last week wrote an item wonderfully titled “We are eagerly awaiting the ridiculous architectural renderings that are certain to accompany the stadium sales pitch,” and who yesterday tweeted:

I also love that the end zone just turns into a pedestrian plaza, the better for Halifax’s lone bike rider (his name is Steve) to ride right out onto the field during a game, and that all the fans in the stands are choosing to watch from the concessions concourse instead of taking seats, and that the stadium lights appear to be on in the middle of the day. But mostly I really love that Cab-Hailing Lady (or her friends know her, Linda) is living out her dream of visiting every imaginary sports stadium in North America. And hailing a cab there.

Meanwhile, Bousquet’s final comment reminds me of a very old strip from Tug McGraw’s (and some unnamed cartoonist’s and ghost writer’s, I’m sure) very old comic Scroogie, which I still have around for some reason:

You know what they say: Comic strips plus time equals architecture. Or something like that.

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6 comments on “That lady from the Worcester baseball stadium rendering has found her way to the Halifax CFL stadium rendering

  1. SchoonersATL? What new sports team and facility is coming to Atlanta? I’m already paying enough of my tax dollars to sports facilities down here.

    1. You should be careful when joking about the Atlantic Schooners. Larry the Clobster is out to get nay-sayers and you do not want to know what Andy the Anchor is willing to do.

  2. Anyone who has ever attended a Canadian Foot-soccer game will tell you, the crowd size depicted in the drawing is accurate.

  3. I just find it weird they have soccer and football players on the same field. Is this some sort of rugby / Gallic football hybrid?

    1. I think it is evidence of nothing but the fact that the stadium developers/franchise owners were too cheap to plump for separate drawings for each sport.

      Also, check out the size of the soccer player some 20 yds or so from the two ladies on the viewing platform. He has to be at least 9 feet tall, right?

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