This week in vaportecture: Portland baseball, Miami soccer

The renderings for stadiums that may or may not ever be built are coming so fast and furious now that this week they need their own weekly roundup post: Both Inter Miami and Portland’s as-yet-unnamed (and as-yet-nonexistent) MLB team released fresh stadium images the last couple of days, and I am happy to report that they are very much in line with the laws of vaportecture.

Portland first:

This is actually a pretty sedate group of images — not even any daytime fireworks! — and improves on the non-Euclidean geometry of the previous batch. Sure, the shadows in the first image are a bit weird — the sun would appear to be coming directly out of the east, which means it’s sunrise, so you’d think the shadows would be longer, but maybe it’s the summer solstice or something — and the aerial tramway appears to have vanished from the overhead rendering — unless those little specks out past center field are gondolas, suspended in the air by nothing — and for some reason the parking lot has more trees in it than cars. And then there’s this image, which wasn’t included in John Canzano’s above tweet but was in his Oregonian article:

What exactly is that woman doing with her freakishly large hand? Brushing her hair forward to cover where her head has been poorly Photoshopped onto her body? Talking on one of those neck-phones that will be all the rage by the time Portland gets an MLB team? And why are all the fans looking through the glass window ignoring the spectacular play being made by the right fielder, who is contorting his body in impossible ways to make a catch, though probably no more impossible than the ways it will be contorted after he crashes at full speed into the foul pole. At least I’m glad to see that the Portland P’s will offer throwback uniforms hearkening back to the days of no jersey numbers, which is probably why souvenir shirts will just feature an enormous Old English “P” on the back.

On to Miami, where we got our first look at the stadium David Beckham and Jorge Mas’s ownership group may or may not be building at Melreese Park in Miami (not to be confused with the temporary stadium they may or may not be building in Fort Lauderdale). And hey, this one’s a video, which for some reason starts off with an egret? And a drum line?

If I’m interpreting this right, the egret is somehow supposed to relate to the design of the stadium roof, which is vaguely bird-wing shaped, and also pink, unlike the egret, though maybe it’s meant to evoke an egret that pigged out on too many brine shrimp. But at least it shines with an unearthly glow!

And features lots of space for fans (and maybe a wookiee) to mill around bars or conference tables or something, with no pesky railings to keep from the excitement of possibly falling to their deaths:

And as a special bonus, there’s a weirdly cartoonish overhead view that features one goalkeeper fleeing his position because he’s belatedly realized there are one too many players on the pitch (and yes, I’m counting the referee):

I’m honestly not sure what purpose either of these sets of new images is supposed to accomplish, except maybe to get coverage showing that this thing must really be happening, look, here are pictures of what it would look like, no one in human history has ever drawn anything that won’t actually exist. In which case, mission accomplished, I guess. Far be it from me to denigrate the #freedomtodream.

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12 comments on “This week in vaportecture: Portland baseball, Miami soccer

  1. (to the tune of “My Way”)
    And egrets, I’ve had a few

    Sorry. I can never resist a bad pun.

  2. Well the Portland stadium renderings are at least an improvement over the previous batch that suggested the superfluous gondolas were actually going to be inside the stadium. Now at least they are located in a place where they can presumably be pummeled by the inevitable fireworks that are sure to be coming in the next round. Think of what an exciting excursion that would be.

    1. With each new rendering, the 7th inning stretch in-stadium experience is becoming more and more like the carousel scene in Logan’s Run…

      Dead Presidents and hot dog/sausage races will soon seem as quaint as the nickel ballpark hot dog (that fans in the depression once made their “only meal of the day”, as John Chancellor once famously intoned).

  3. I meant to forward this on the Twitter but St. Louis FC has teased that they are going to have some vaportecture “in a few weeks”–so metavapotechture for now then.

  4. Nice to see that the 1st deck loges will have user pull beer taps. That should work well.

    Also, I can’t be the only one who thought the HD/4k/6k/ultra 4D screens in the same image displayed “MLB POX” as some sort of comment on today’s game?

  5. Funny that in the Miami vaportechtecture, the Miami international airport is nowhere to be found – in spite of its size and location right next to the land they intend to build on. It’s also amusing that they show lights emanating from the stadium. While the FAA has not commented on the plans much to this point, they did state upfront that they couldn’t have lights at the end of the runway pretty much *like that* …

    1. The image with the glowing lights is taken from a perspective located over the airport site, so the airport itself isn’t visible. And none of the other images are from an angle where the airport would be visible, either.

      Also that corner of Melreese Park butts up against the terminal, not any of the runways. I have no idea if that would make the FAA feel more kindly to a glowing stadium, though.

      1. Fair enough, though the video in the linked article shows longer views and different angles, and it’s still not there.

        1. Not really — all the long views are from the west, and the other angles are overhead and don’t pull back far enough to see the airport. They were very clever about avoiding showing it.

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