Friday roundup: Predators sign possibly non-sucky lease extension, NYCFC stadium rumors reach code orange, and why are we laughing at fat Thor, anyway?

Sorry if I’m posting a bit late this morning, but I started checking Deadspin for any last-minute news, and ended up having to read all of Anna Merlan’s best Avengers: Endgame review ever. If you’re tempted to click that and go read it now, please wait until after reading this post because it will make you forget all about wanting to know about soccer stadium zoning regulations or whatever, and anyway this week’s roundup is relatively short and will let you get back to thoughts on Thor fat-shaming in due haste; if you’re not tempted to click that at all and are wondering how this post went off the rails so quickly, just skip ahead to the bullet points already:

5 comments on “Friday roundup: Predators sign possibly non-sucky lease extension, NYCFC stadium rumors reach code orange, and why are we laughing at fat Thor, anyway?

  1. I agree with you 100% that Community Boards are appointed instead of Elected, but there are people who want to give them actual power instead of being an advisory board. Not to mention from the perspective of those wanting a Stadium (not my personal opinion), trying to get the soccer Stadium finished now makes sense. Why? 1: Before the Shadow Opposition Leader (aka: Ocasio-Cortez), can find local people who will run for office and oppose the Stadium (ask Amazon about it sometime). 2: You want to get your shovels in the ground, because of the possibility that one day the Booker bill to stop tax breaks for Stadium Construction actually becomes Law.

    • The tweet claims that the current community board is in support of the stadium deal (what stadium deal this is I dunno, but anyway), so why would giving them actual power be a bad thing for NYCFC?

      Mostly, this is just an indication that the whole tweet should be taken with an enormous grain of salt, if “according to my source” wasn’t already.

      • This is not sports related, but giving Community Boards actual power could allow NIMBY’s to stop projects that can be of a benefit to the Community like hospitals, police stations, fire houses, transportation projects, affordable housing schools and the like just because they do not want more traffic, people, etc.

        • If there is one thing the country definitely needs less of, it is small groups of people overriding the general public interest over relatively small scale concerns.

  2. If NYCFC finally builds it’s floating stadium, surely it will carry either Liberian or Panamanian registry, just like most other ocean going commercial vessels, to avoid most of the standards and laws we assume apply to goods and/or services marketed here.

    I don’t see the community boards being an issue on this.

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