Friday roundup: New Coyotes owner could move team (or not), public cost of Panthers practice facility goes up, and fresh Austin FC vaportecture!

If you noticed this site being inaccessible a lot the last two days, hey, so did I! The good news is that a bunch of that time was spent in discussions with the good folks at about migrating the site to a more stable hosting platform, which is currently in the works, though it may take a week or so before everything is finalized. In the meantime, if you notice occasional glitches, rest assured it’s all part of the process for bringing you a Better, Brighter Tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in the week’s stray stadium news roundup, where the tomorrows never seem to get better or brighter:

  • Billionaire real estate developer Alex Meruelo is set to purchase a majority ownership stake in the Arizona Coyotes, and The Hockey News wonders if this means the team will finally get a new arena or move to Houston, because surely the team’s previous owners never thought of those things. It’s also worth noting, as I do every time Houston gets raised as an NHL team relocation bogeyman, that while Houston is a big market, so is Phoenix, so moving the Coyotes to Texas might not immediately solve the team’s attendance woes as much as you’d think.
  • South Carolina’s $160 million public price tag for a Carolina Panthers practice facility — I know, that dollar figure and that noun phrase make me boggle every time I type it — could go up by an undetermined amount, thanks to road improvements and other stuff the state could be on the hook for. A hundred million here, a hundred million there, and you start to run into some real money.
  • New Austin F.C. stadium renderings! Bonus points for portraying players on the pitch in positions that might actually be possible in a real soccer match; demerits for trying to make the game seem exciting by having a few fans randomly raising fists, and for devoting way too much space to pictures of dining tables instead of showing what the view would look like from other parts of the stadium. (Though there is one renderings of what the game would look like from behind a dining table, which is, you will be surprised to learn, not very good.)
  • The Tampa Bay Rays can’t get people to come to games even by selling tickets for $5, which sounds bleak until you remember that bleacher seats at New York Yankees games went for $1.50 as recently as 1985, which is only $3.55 in 2019 dollars, so maybe the Rays are still charging too much?
  • Here’s an article by CBS San Francisco about the Oakland city council passing two bills in support of a new A’s stadium at Howard Terminal that is entirely sourced to a tweet by A’s president Dave Kaval. Oh, journalism.
  • And here’s an article (on some sports site I’ve never heard of) that declares it a “RUMOR” (in all caps) that MLB is exploring an expansion team in Las Vegas, cited entirely to a tweet by a Las Vegas “news and rumors” site I’ve never heard of, which really only predicts that there will be an announcement after the World Series of a “Major League Baseball plan.” You know who else has a Major League Baseball plan? Portland, Oregon. They don’t have an MLB expansion team either, and all signs are they won’t for a while, but nice to hear they’ll be getting some company in the vaporfranchise competition.
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8 comments on “Friday roundup: New Coyotes owner could move team (or not), public cost of Panthers practice facility goes up, and fresh Austin FC vaportecture!

  1. Report: Diamondbacks hire architecture firm to design possible new stadium

  2. Did you see the article on of the renderings for the new Woosox stadium? Here’s a quote from the (current) PawSox executive Dan Rea 3:

    “We want a ballpark that really looks like Worcester, tastes like Worcester, smells like Worcester — a ballpark that is really representative of its home town. … Suffice it to say we want many features in and around the ballpark that are evocative of Worcester culture and cuisine.”

    I for one can’t wait to experience the rich tastes and smells of Worcester.

  3. I’ve been a Houston based hockey fan since the 70’s when we had a great WHA team. The most recent team, an AHL Aeros, wasn’t financially viable and the team folded. I’m doubtful that an NHL team, where tickets average $75+ a game, will be successful here. Just sayin’

  4. “demerits for trying to make the game seem exciting by having a few fans randomly raising fists”

    “Woo hoo! We’re just past midfield with only 8 defenders between us and the goal! And the action is moving away from us so our view is getting worse with every step!”

  5. I cannot see an NHL team going to Houston unless Tilman owns the team. Tilman controls the arena.

  6. so, wait, Oakland city council has passed bills for the construction of TWO MLB stadia according to “informed sources” (ok, Kaval)?

    And this is (kinda) quoted both on FoS and CBS San Francisco… so when I repost it I have four independent sources telling me that Oakland has approved the construction of two MLB facilities and, “it’s full steam ahead, nothing can stop this now”, according to an unidentified source with knowledge of the situation (btw, that’s me. My only knowledge of the situation is what I’ve read here, but hey, that’s knowledge right?).

    Clearly this means that Portland and Las Vegas aren’t going to be the only ones getting expansion teams… Oakland will need a second team too.

    and where’s my Pullitzer?

  7. The Austin renderings make it look more like they’re selling a restaurant that features a soccer pitch, rather than the other way around. Plus no fireworks.

    At some point you’d think people would start questioning whether the viability of a market like Vegas going from no professional teams to every professional team imaginable in just a few years is such a wise idea. I guess we haven’t reached that point yet.

  8. Neil, now where have we scene “Better, Brighter Tomorrow.” or words to that effect. What owner has said that?

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