Oakland wins land swap approval for proposed A’s stadium site, actual public cost still clear as mud

The Oakland A’s stadium plan for Howard Terminal may seem like it’s been spinning its wheels forever, but it’s been slowly racking up legislative wins of late: A bill to authorize the city of Oakland to acquire property at the site by swapping other land to the state has now passed the state legislature, and is headed to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk for signing, this after another bill was approved to allow tax money to be used for “infrastructure” on the site.

After the bill passed the Assembly in May, [Assemblymember Rob] Bonta said, “This project is a win for Oakland and the East Bay. It will create strong union jobs that provide good wages and benefits.”

He went on to claim that the ballpark will help alleviate the housing crisis: “It will create badly-needed affordable housing and will keep the A’s rooted in Oakland for years to come.”

A figure denoting exactly how much housing might accompany the ballpark and retail mixed-use has yet to be determined.

“Has yet to be determined” is an apt description for most of the stadium plan, as it’s still not exactly clear who would pay for what (aside from the A’s owners funding construction of the stadium itself), or how much the city will get for its share of the Oakland Coliseum site that the team owners want to build housing on to help fund their stadium costs, or how property taxes will work, or lots of other things including how many shipping cranes will be left to decorate the stadium site. All this was par for the course when the stadium plan was still an abstraction, but now that actual authorizing legislation is being passed, maybe it’s time to actually deliver some hard numbers? Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, your Gang of Four membership is at stake!

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9 comments on “Oakland wins land swap approval for proposed A’s stadium site, actual public cost still clear as mud

  1. Neil,

    I remember Oakland’s struggle for a new ballpark going back to 95-96. Yeah almost 25 years. As much as I would like to see the A’s relocate its probably not going to happen. I think the coliseum site would be best just to renovate the place. It has BART access, a parking lot and highway access.

      1. “As much as I would like to see the A’s relocate ….”

        Touching. Really.

        Is this outpouring of compassion / concern for the Oakland Athletics billionaire owner John J Fisher or the product on the ball field (what the billionaire owners refer to it as. Or as we commoners refer to it “the team or players,” some of whom are grossly overpaid, onus on the billionaire owners) or the stadium (I still refer to it as the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum) they play in or MLB in general?

        Be it any of these I am dumbfounded.

        Billionaire owner? John J Fisher is doing just fine, thank you very much.
        Players? These men are living their adult lives playing a childhood game and being paid to do so. It’s a tough life, but someone has to live it. We can’t all work 9 – 5 jobs.
        Stadium? There’s a brand new major league stadium being built in Dyersville, Iowa as I write. Ready for use next year. Problem solved.
        MLB? Where to begin. How about capitalistic predatory monopoly, closed league, whose product on the ball field is to be used and thrown away when “new and improved” comes along. As to public monies used to finance MLB billionaire franchisees, Neil, tag your it.

        Philadelphia A’s. Kansas City A’s. Oakland A’s. Note to Portland. When you next release the vaportexture drawings of Portland’s MLB stadium, be sure to change the Old English “P” to an “A” on the back of the team uniforms. You’re sure to get John J Fisher’s attention.

        1. If I had my druthers, back in the 90’s Oakland not Montreal would have moved to DC. They could have realigned and put DC in the NL and Montreal in the AL (where I think a team there will work if they are in the same division with Boston and New York).

          I was hoping they would consider Portland. The bottom line is that the Bay so lucrative it make more sense since to keep the A’s in Oakland even though they are second fiddle to the Giants. That is what I mean by hope they relocate.

    1. Renovating the Coliseum is pointless. They could easily just build a new stadium on the north parking lot and demolish the Coliseum afterwards. The land there is already approved for stadium redevelopment anyway. The ownership of the land is a separate issue.

      1. I agree, present site has the best parking, in/out, BART right there, freeway access!!! Cant understand them wantin to move! Build new, demolish old, simple

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