Friday roundup: Lotsa soccer news, and oh yeah, saving the world

Happy global climate strike day! As kids (and their adults) take to the streets today, it’s important to keep in mind two not-contradictory-though-they-may-seem-so things: We are seriously screwed even if we act now, but there’s still a lot we can do to keep ourselves from being even more seriously screwed. (And by “we” here I mostly mean governments, because it’s almost impossible for individuals alone to significantly impact carbon emissions just by shutting off lights and avoiding air travel, not that those aren’t important things to do, too.)

Anyway, enough about the fate of humanity, let’s talk about sports venues (and not even about the carbon footprints of building new ones and flying teams from city to city, which would be a whole other article):

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7 comments on “Friday roundup: Lotsa soccer news, and oh yeah, saving the world

  1. When you say Sacramento is going to be the 29th expansion team in MLS do you mean it will be the 29th team or is 29th on the list of places MLS is expanding to (which could still mean it gets a team in the next couple of years, obviously)?

    Oh, and that Onion story is absolutely true, right?

  2. The MLS is putting teams in cities of the future. It will be the sport of the future. MLB will be gone by 2060

  3. Looked at the new Alabama Birmingham stadium. It looks amazingly like the stadium put into service at the University of Houston a couple of years ago. It cost $120MM. The layout is almost EXACTLY what will be used by UAB.

    The UH stadium was built with donations and sponsorship money.

  4. Incoming vaportecture for the Columbus team!–new-columbus-crew-stadium-will-make-arena-district-real-sports-jewel
    Combo city/state/county? deal iirc.

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