Friday roundup: Team owners rework tax bills and leases, Twins CEO claims team is winning (?) thanks to new stadium, and other privileges of the very rich

Tons more stadium and arena news to get to this week, so let’s dive right in without preamble:

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19 comments on “Friday roundup: Team owners rework tax bills and leases, Twins CEO claims team is winning (?) thanks to new stadium, and other privileges of the very rich

  1. If it helps, Frank Stronach and his daughter Belinda have kept multiple attorneys in Canada and the US happily well-paid by suing each other repeatedly over the last couple of years. Basically, he’s more than old enough to retire, doesn’t want to do so, gave the reins of the Stronach Group to her, and now has seller’s remorse. So he’s suing to toss her out of the position (President of the Group) that he put her into.

    It’s believed he’s a cranky old man who doesn’t like her husband.

  2. The Supreme Court decision is huge when it comes to the Diamondbacks, and maybe even the Coyotes being in Maricopa County.

  3. It’s getting to the point where we’re flying to Vegas, renting my car there, and driving to Phoenix. It’s a hassle but the cost savings is huge and I catch up on my audiobooks…

    1. This seems hyperbolic and highly unlikely. Without traffic, it’s a solid 4.5 hours each way between Las Vegas and Phoenix.

  4. The only sad part of the Ballmer/Dolan thing is that at some point those two idiot billionaires will realize that they could put their “You’re an idiot NO you’re an idiot” debate on PPV and bundle it with RSN rights to make even more money.

    Also, I find it hard to imagine that Trump’s Opportunity zones don’t have much more to do with scantily clad barely out of their teen years girls and back stage areas that deliberately lack the appropriate security coverage rather than actual business districts.

    1. I had a long talk a few months ago with a tax law expert about Opportunity Zones, and the upshot was “We have no idea what exactly the IRS is going to let people get away with.”

    2. Interesting. So is the idea that they will be something like the infamous “export processing zones” where the normal laws of the land (and maybe even physics) do not apply?

      1. I think the idea is that the regs were written really quickly without spelling out exactly how they’d be interpreted. You can read the IRS’s FAQ here, if it helps:

  5. I think you’ve pretty well explained the ticket problem in the past. Teams want to “capture” more of the revenue that goes to Stub Hub, so they price playoff tickets a lot higher, and there are only so many folks willing to pay those prices.

    I’m sure it works–even if the Cardinals were a few thousand short they more than made up for it in the 42,000 tickets they did sell. It is the NLDS, after all–so if you are a Twins fan (or until recently a Nats fan)–is it really worth your money to watch them lose.

    For the record, Washington standing room tickets for Game 3 start at $160. It is a different economy than the rest of us.

    1. It is. Does that price include the “lobbyist premium” that most political hubs charge?

      If teams can run lotteries or other competitions for their own tickets (sometimes but not always lower priced… see the Cubs CBOE gambit)…. why can’t they charge fans for entering the lottery or competition?

      Or a PSL lottery! You have to buy tickets to get a mathematical chance to win the right to purchase the right to purchase actual tickets. But the good news is there is no limit to how many lottery tickets you can buy in the hopes of winning the right to purchase a PSL.

  6. Want a team to play in Halifax?
    Build a stadium the town surely lacks.
    And make it cutting edge to the max,
    an inflatable dome and seats that have backs.
    But for now, there’ll be no football tax.
    The stadium train’s going fast off the tracks.
    The funding plan now is springing large cracks.
    So this deal then will soon get the ax.
    The CFL? This yank does know some facts.
    Twelve man teams, and the rouge. No touchbacks.
    But the thought that won’t let my mind just relax
    is “Where the hell is this place, Halifax?”

    1. This wondering? When is the last time a bubble dome arena or.stadium was built, at least for a professional team?

      1. The last one I am aware of was BMO field in Toronto. The bubble was over the playing surface only, and it wasn’t really for the MLS team… it was so the community could theoretically use the facility in winter.

        That really didn’t happen… within a couple of years the team wanted to retrofit another stadium a couple of miles away to accept the bubble and then moved it there.

        1. Source on this? I can’t find a single thing about BMO ever having a structure like this.

          1. It’s not hard to find. Prior to about 2009 (I think) the city (which paid for a good part of the original stadium) installed a bubble over the playing surface and made the field available for rent to local and amateur sports teams each winter.



            The system consisted of a concrete ring to anchor the bubble as well as airlocks and large fans to inflate and maintain the bubble. As part of the agreement to retrofit BMO to a grass field (it was originally field turf) TFC’s owners paid to have the ring and bubble moved to nearby Lamport stadium. Whether the ring could actually be moved or was demolished and built fresh at Lamport, I’m not sure. But it was done. And thus did the community use of BMO field come to an end…

            When you read the linked agreements, it sounds like MLSe went all out on this one… but just remember, the things they agreed to pay for elsewhere essentially gave them complete control over a stadium built with public funds. They contributed $10m to the stadium originally in exchange for naming rights… which they immediately sold for $27m over 10 years.

            This facility was originally supposed to be owned and operated by the CSA for the Canadian National soccer program. MLSe swooped in and bagged it all…

          2. I have tons of pics of BMO during construction, but none showing the dome… here’s a video from the people who actually installed it:

  7. Why aren’t the Red’s in the playoff’s? They’ve had a new stadium for 16 years? They had more success as Riverfront Stadium…..Weird.

    1. Also… “Nationals win NL Pennant, owner does not demand a new stadium during podium presentation”.

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