Become a Field of Schemes Supporter to help keep the stadium news flowing, this is how journalism works now

Hey, FoS readers, it’s that time again — the one (or two per year, tops) where I ask you to become a Field of Schemes Supporter so that I can continue to devote time to this website every day. I’ve considered switching to a Patreon or setting up a members-only newsletter like all the kids are doing these days, but for now I’m sticking with the tried-and-true membership system for a couple of reasons: One, you all seem to like it well enough, and two, I want all the information here reaching the widest possible audience, not reserved for a special few.

As for you special few who help make this site possible for the others to freeload on, you do get some exclusive rewards. First off, refrigerator magnets!

If you’re thinking, “Big deal, I already got two of these the last time I donated,” understand that there are three more variations that your fridge is currently bereft of, and they will wing their way to you upon receipt of your donation, whether Mini-Supporter or regular Supporter size. Make your kitchen the envy of other kitchens!

Second, as always, full Supporters get to place an ad of their choice in the top-right banner space on every page of this site. If you don’t have an ad but have an idea for an ad, I’ll help design one; if you don’t have anything to advertise but want to promote a worthy cause, that’s fine too.

And finally, you will get my heartfelt thanks, and, I hope, the heartfelt thanks of all those who read this site and can’t or don’t choose to donate. I continue to be amazed at how many people value the news and analysis on offer here, more than two decades after this site started, and there is absolutely no way I would have been able to keep it going without your financial support. To all present, past, and future supporters: You are the best, and you can tell your friends that I said so.

Thanks, and donate early and donate often!



12 comments on “Become a Field of Schemes Supporter to help keep the stadium news flowing, this is how journalism works now

  1. Neil.

    Had planned to donate for last month or so (I just discovered your site earlier this year as my interest in the MLS “Ponzi Scheme” peaked. Loyal reader since). Thank you for the kick in the backside. Done and done.

    Maybe you could sell “naming rights” to your site. Corporate America would jump at the opportunity!

  2. Just re-upped. For some reason the link on this post didn’t work for me — I had to go to “Support this site.”

      • Can somebody try it now and report back? It seems to be working for me, in that it generates a “You’re trying to give money to yourself, what’s wrong with you?” message.

  3. Yep, it works now. Why does your merchant code come up as “Symbionese Liberation Army” though?

    … and this is highly unfair… you know I am powerless when fridge magnets are at stake…

    • I knew it! So I did see Neil at the AMPM at Marconi and Fair Oaks this AM (Carmichael, CA). If you live east of Fair Oaks Blvd in a home near the American River Neil, this gig must pay well!

  4. $25? Outrageous! For that, I can get a hot dog, pretzel, and a warm draft beer at the hockey arena; a non refundable deposit to reserve the right to buy a PSL to buy season tickets at the stadium; or five months of my cable system’s regional sports network currently programming off season dreck. What ever happened to the Free Press? What’s next, no free snacks on planes or free maps at gas stations?
    $25 for 12 months? That’s over three dollars a month! I could better spend that on a top notch math tutor.
    Oh well, I just re-upped for another set of magnets.

    • Sometimes I think I should be the one paying you folks for these comments.

      Then I think I probably shouldn’t be saying that out loud.