Liveblogging Anaheim’s vote on the Los Angeles Angels stadium sale (UPDATE: it passed)

After years of negotiations, the Anaheim city council is set to debate and vote on the plan to sell the Los Angeles Angels stadium and its surrounding parking lots to team owner Arte Moreno for development in just a single hearing, held naturally enough on the afternoon of the Friday before Christmas. I’m going to start by heading over to Twitter to do the play-by-play, so meet me over there, and open up your streaming video of the hearing if you want to watch along.

Going to re-paste the Twitter thread here as we go, because this hearing is dirt-boring (sorry: spoilers!) and I need to keep myself busy:



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2 comments on “Liveblogging Anaheim’s vote on the Los Angeles Angels stadium sale (UPDATE: it passed)

  1. Too much experience in this area.

    This is a done deal.

    Moreno gets what he wants. Anaheim residents, you get the Los Angeles Angels.

  2. God bless Councilwoman Barnes and Councilman Moreno. You have, or maybe you do, no idea of the pressure to be a publicly elected official representing the best interests of your city and constituents, to be in a public setting when the deck is stacked against you, to maintain your calm, cool and poise, when opposing Council-members want nothing better than to shut you down so they may push through their deal as quickly as possible.

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