Last call to support Field of Schemes if you want fridge magnets before they’re gone!

As part of my new plan to survive the ongoing slow death of journalism, I’m going to be reminding readers quarterly instead of semiannually that you can support Field of Schemes by becoming Field of Schemes Supporters! (This doesn’t mean I’m asking any of you individually for any more money — the donation levels remain the same, $25 per year at the basic level, $100 if you can spare it and want bonus stuff like banner ads — just that I’m posting these reminders more frequently for anyone who may have missed the last one.) And I actually have good reason to be posting about it today, because I have urgent news, which is that the supply of FoS refrigerator magnets is running perilously low:

Eyeballing what’s left in the stacks on my desk — it’s really tough to count magnets, they’re magnets, they stick together — I’d say I have maybe 20 sets left, after which there will be no more reprints. (I may design a second set with different Stadium Grubbers Do The Most Amazing Things facts, but that remains to be seen, and in any case those would be different, not these.) So if you want to commemorate on your fridge the Texas Rangers‘ demand for a half-billion-dollar stadium so they could have air-conditioning or the Milwaukee Bucks‘ magic basketball — or got a pair of magnets already but want to complete your collection — act now! Or, well, soon, anyway.

In fact, I’ll even add a bonus incentive: If I can get ten new or renewing FoS Supporters by the end of January, I’ll post here a full-length article that’s been sitting on my hard drive waiting for a home ever since the demise of Deadspin. (It’s not huge breaking news, but it is informative and entertaining.) Plus, you will receive my undying appreciation for supporting the work I do here! That won’t stick to your fridge, though.




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4 comments on “Last call to support Field of Schemes if you want fridge magnets before they’re gone!

  1. Is there any way we can make simple a donation of less than 25us$? As a canadian college student, 25us is out of my budget but I wish to support your work!

    1. Thanks, and totally understood. If you can spare US$4.99, you can always buy the electronic version of my Brooklyn Wars book — that supports my work, plus you get a book out of it!

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