Friday roundup: More Carolina Panthers stadium demands, D-Backs explain Vancouver move threat, and giant soccer robots

Good morning, and thank you for taking a break from your coronavirus panic reading to patronize Field of Schemes. Please wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, and we can begin:

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17 comments on “Friday roundup: More Carolina Panthers stadium demands, D-Backs explain Vancouver move threat, and giant soccer robots

  1. Look, Florida, you may be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing places in the Western world, and you may well have a robust economy and citizens with disposable income, but all of your sports teams will absolutely leave for, *checks list*, Las Vegas and Norfolk, if you pass this bill.

    1. Don’t forget those shameless opportunists in Montreal – mecca for all pro sports teams don’t you know….

      If only Stanley Kubrick had known that francophone communists were after all American sports teams, Dr. Strangelove could have turned out so very differently…

  2. Why you should click Neil’s links:

    “the Phillies are putting another black eye on baseball. They’re no better than the Houston Astros,“

    Harsh…but deservedly on the mark.

  3. ” $38 million in state benefits to mentions of Milwaukee on TV”

    I laugh every time I see this ploy. I hear it in regard to the money-losing Super Bowl when it’s played in Glendale. “Hey, look! It’s warm a sunny in Arizona! In February! Who knew??? I’m bookin’ a flight…”

  4. FOS noted when Toronto Blue Jays got a $61M public contribution to building a new stadium for spring training and Class A Dunedin Blue Jays that they may not be getting their money back. Well, they have already had 3 games and nobody’s been spreading millions of consumer dollars yet. They had a record (they had 400 people more than the previous capacity but 2K under their current capacity) on opening day but have been less than their previous capacity and averages since. So, unless empty seats are generating revenue (solar seats anyone?) this has not gone well so far. The Honeymoon (Island) is over after the day.

    Also, I was curious about Class A Dunedin Blue Jay attendance and was fascinated to learn that last year after the demolition of the previous stadium and before the new one was ready they managed an average attendance of 230 (!!!!!, not sure where they played but look forward to the press that says they are averaging 10-15 more than last year).

    1. Clearwater, Florida. Jack Russell Memorial Stadium.

    2. Only reason I know. Watch 3 Single-A FSL teams in T-SP metropolitan area, the siphon effect (?) they have on Rays attendance. As you’ve noticed, Dunedin Blue Jays attendance significantly impact Rays attendance. Okay, not so much.

      Clearwater Threshers and Tampa Tarpons maybe a different story.

  5. Couple of things. I-91 passed before the Sonics left. It was voted on in 2006 and at the time was deemed a death blow to the Sonics staying in Seattle. Also the Raiders did leave California.

  6. Do we know for sure that Wisconsin taxpayers didn’t subsidize Laverne & Shirley or Happy Days?

    Also… the main reason the Sonics left is that they were sold to a guy who pinkie swore that he wanted to keep the team in Seattle and was actually laughing while he took this “oath”.

    But yeah, I’m sure the great unifier (Howard Schultz) would have kept the team if somebody had been willing to fork out a half billion or so in tax dollars to one of the richest men in the nation. At least for a few years before it was time to demand another new stadium “or we’re gonna hafta leave anyway”.

    1. Film tax credits hadn’t been invented in the 1970s. And while it may feel like Laverne & Shirley was still running in the 21st century, I think it finally went off the air a few years before that. (Or at least the girls had moved to California by then.)

      1. This seems like an opportunity to me. Surely someone (say, EOne) can use their ownership of the media rights to L&S and it’s clear benefit (media mentions) to Milwaukee to leverage the media value of reruns of a 1970s tv sitcom about 1950s midwest life on, say, Nepalese television.

        Of course, Disney might beat EOne to this…

  7. Now I have another team, in addition to my hometown cheatin’ Astros, to root against.

    Institutional sign stealing the Astros wasn’t cool, but OMG stealing from the Phanatic…that is sacrilegious.

    Won’t be hard rooting for the Phillies to lose seeing that they haven’t seen a winning record in almost a decade.

  8. That tiny balcony is obviously the designated smoking area, because the authorities have sifted through an infinite amount of studies done by an infinite amount of monkeys and discovered the complete works of Shakespeare, and found ONE study that suggests a link between the sight of someone smoking in an open air stadium and developing lung cancer, emphysema, and early death.

  9. How did everyone miss the giant black and yellow ant towering over the stadium entrance. OMG! The horror! The nightmares! How can you forget “THEM!”

    Tim. Get a grip. No one is this site is old enough, much less been traumatized by a 1954 movie. Everyone rightly guesses “Bugman” has paid for the stadium naming rights and this is their logo.

    1. Hmmmn. I was thinking more modern… Does Joan Collins 1977 classic “Empire of the Ants” count?

      I guessed that the people milling about on the marquee were on a free viewing deck… if you count being within reach of the giant ants’ mandibles as being “free admission”.

    2. … I mean, is feeding actual taxpayers to the ants better than forcing the taxpayers to pay for whatever food and other care the team owner’s giant ants require?

      Life – even a sports fan’s life – is full of moral electives, isn’t it?

    3. Points given.

      Vaportecture human beings appear to be ants, while the giant ant is ….. well ….. at the top. Of the food chain?

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