Friday roundup: CFL calls its owners “philanthropists” who need bailout, plus actual sport with actual fans takes place in actual stadium!

And how is everyone out there? Going stir-crazy? Waking up early to watch Korean baseball? Starving to death? All good options!

I personally have been watching this 1988 game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Montreal Expos (spoiler: Randy Johnson is, as the announcers keep noting, very tall), while continuing to keep tabs on what passes for sports stadium and subsidy news these days. Let’s get to it — the news, I mean, not the Phils-Expos game, I have that paused:


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7 comments on “Friday roundup: CFL calls its owners “philanthropists” who need bailout, plus actual sport with actual fans takes place in actual stadium!

  1. I know what you mean by starving for sports ( I have been watching reruns of Yankee Games on YES). The most interesting story is that of the CFL saying there will probably be no season and they need $120m ( Canadian) because their owners invest in “Canadian Culture” and “Canadian Sport.” The problem is ordinary Canadians ( except those in Saskatchewan) are not making the same investment. For one, they are choosing the NFL over the CFL ( based on TV ratings), while the primary Demographic of CFL fans are 55 and older. The CFL is not exactly a growth industry worth bailing out.

    1. If you click the link, you’ll see I didn’t mean starving for sports.

  2. I do not believe in “e” “sports”, but using ESPN to gauge their success is kinda a bit silly. I doubt that people who would watch this type of thing are watching ESPN.

    A few quick internet searches say that the most popular Twitch guy for NBA 2k20 averages 18,000 viewers and the highest concurrent viewer count in April for the game was 37,000 people. Other site says that the game only averages 9000 viewers on a site where people go specifically to see people play games.

  3. Mr Meruelo is just another shill owner, in a string of shill owners, for the Coyotes franchise.

  4. I hate video games as mush as the next guy (and, unlike the next guy, I acknowledge the likelihood that they are the root cause of mass shootings), but you can’t compare ESPN to ESPN2.

    1. The link between video games and mass shootings doesn’t exist, mass shooters are more likely to not be game players than the general population and it doesn’t explain the lack of mass shootings world wide even though those games are super popular in a lot counties.

      eSports are however old news and the KBO is at least novel enough to draw viewers for the first week. We’ll need to see if they can hold the ratings even with a horrible time slot.

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