Friday roundup: Ohio could cut stadium funds, A’s could delay stadium plans, sports could return, world could end, anything’s possible

A little distracted this morning with a new work project and the usual pandemic stuff and the not-so-usual riots on TV, but there’s a passel of stadium and arena news I didn’t get to, so let’s get to ’em:

9 comments on “Friday roundup: Ohio could cut stadium funds, A’s could delay stadium plans, sports could return, world could end, anything’s possible

  1. The pressure for Gov Abbott to allow sports will be immense in my sports crazed state of Texas…especially for upcoming college and pro football season. The governor’s own criteria and rules for re-opening the state in phases hasn’t been met, so I have no hesitation to say that the “approval” that must be provided to the sports leagues from the Texas Department of State Health Services will be perfunctory in every way shape and form.

    It’s an election year and a politician has to do what a politician has to do. I know Abbott isn’t on the ballot, but a lot of his party’s team is and what better than to keep the pandemically clueless masses happy this fall when walking into the voting booth.

    • There was, but WordPress must’ve et it:

  2. If the A’s cannot afford to pay minor leaguers how does anyone think they hey can afford a new ballpark?!it looks they are lining up boat chairs on the Titanic.

    • That’s a little like saying “If Jeff Bezos can’t afford to pay warehouse workers, how can he afford to buy a yacht?”

  3. MiLB contraction is going to be great for stadium shakedowns. “We gotta build a new stadium or we’ll lose our team to Contractedville.” Or “if we build a new stadium we can our team back.” It’s like having 40 new Los Angeleses.

  4. Just wondering…

    of the (no doubt myriad) reasons why MLB is attempting to contract MiLB franchise (and eliminate MiLB players), what percentage do FoS readers assign to the following possible reasons:

    a) Quantitative analysis (or sabermetrics or any other name you want to put on this) and it’s alleged impact on player development/selection.

    b) Attendance (MiLB)

    c) Revenge for the unmitigated gall that (a brave few) MiLB players showed by actually asking to be paid minimum wage

    d) “other”

    • It’s not attendance, as that’s been between 40 and 44 million for the last 15 years. And the individual players can probably be punished on an individual level. I think it’s a combination of sabermetrics, short-term over long-term thinking, and general Scrooge McDuckiness.

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