Friday roundup: Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it for 150 years edition

Happy Juneteenth, the most quintessentially American of holidays, in that it celebrates both the nation’s ability to right seemingly intractable horrific historic wrongs through grassroots action faster than anyone ever could have dreamed, and also its ability to then revert to virtually the exact same horrific wrongs in all but name for the next century or so. We got issues.

And speaking of issues — if that’s not too inappropriate to compare the enslavement of an entire people with the siphoning off of tax dollars for sports, which it probably is, but segues gotta segue — here are a bunch regarding stadiums and arenas that reared or re-reared their heads in the last week:

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16 comments on “Friday roundup: Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it for 150 years edition

  1. Nice idea for the Blue Jays to play in Dunedin since the county and state just spent $100M+ (!!) to upgrade their minor-league stadium because of the huge ( :) ) economic impact of spring training and their A- affiliate.

    1. It won’t matter though, the Blue Jays are in suspended in Dunedin now that a player has tested positive for COVID. I really don’t think the MLB will get off the ground this year, especially as the first wave picks back up.

      1. Not if they’re going to shut down every time a player tests positive, no. The European soccer leagues have pretty much shown that the only way to move ahead with playing is to quarantine anyone who tests positive but keep on playing regardless and hope no one else got it — but then, the daily new infection rate in Florida is 20 times what it is in Germany, so that may not work for MLB.

        1. Actually, here in Florida is perfect for MLB, since our state leaders have decided that them pesky facts can’t stand in the way of reopening while we hit new highs in the number of cases every day. (Remember, our governor is the guy who declared professional wrestling an essential service.)

          1. I think there is pretty good evidence that Florida leaders are doing more than ignoring facts–they are trying to manipulate data as much as possible.

        2. Maybe, not every time, but this time they suspending things in Dunedin. Phillies and Tampa Bay in the NHL as well is temporarily suspended. The MLB isn’t going with a quarantine players plan like the MLS, NWSL, and the NBA, it’s going to be a major problem since it’ll basically be on the players and their families not to get it, else infect the entire team and league. I’m sure they can keep playing, but the PR backlash and liabilities concerns will put an end to it.

      2. There’s also now the possibiity that even if they can play in Dunedin, the Jays wouldn’t be allowed to travel to road games in New York:

  2. My lyin’ eyes must have deceived me, but it appears to me that the body count kept rising across the country in spite of the lock downs, quarantines, and shut down of all Americans sports. The Draconian measures imposed on us by the experts should have reduced the infection rate in America to about……zero. I guess the theory that the coronavirus could be transmitted at hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer games, race tracks, bowling alleys, restaurants, bars and movie theaters, but not at “essential” locations like Wal mart, convenient stores, dollar stores and fast food drive thrus was wrong! Our young athletes and their fans have lost three months of their competitive lives for nothing?
    I vaguely remember learning in school about unalienable rights such as pursuit of happiness, peaceful assembly, and unimpaired voluntary contracts. I don’t believe living in a bubble is living. I”ll take my chances hanging out shoulder to shoulder with my fellow American sports fans. Because…….America. Don’t agree? Stay home.

    1. “Draconian measures,” “unalienable (sic) rights,” “because America” — we’re two away from Fox News bingo!

      I’ll leave it as an exercise for FoS readers to knock the above arguments over if they want, but do want to point out that the infection rate in much of America (and all of Spain, Iceland, Korea, etc.) did fall dramatically after the lockdowns started. The states that are seeing steady increases are mostly those where infection rates hadn’t grown very high by late March, so they didn’t have far to fall; once they reopened, though, they’ve seen infection rates soar, just as was predicted by the experts.

  3. Neil,

    The more prominent lefties harp about wearing masks the more righties will not wear them out of spite. Ever heard the saying “let sleeping dogs lie”

    1. I’m pretty sure similar arguments were made about no-smoking laws, and we should all be pretty happy with how those turned out.

      1. As I recall the democratic party had a light footprint on that issue and it will only marginally in the culture wars. It grew organically over the years. If you think having people like Arnold Schwarzenger calling people morons for not wearing masks is going to do good. Think again

        1. Arnold Schwarzenegger definitely does not qualify for the prominent lefty rewards card.

    2. Dead dogs lie on their own. In fact, it is hard to get them to do anything else.

      Wearing a mask is a personal choice (at least so far). People who don’t want to wear them – in most districts – do not have to. Those who don’t are mainly (but not solely) putting themselves at increased risk of infection.

  4. Early returns on MLB’s 2020 plans???

    Not so good…

    And it’s not just those franchises either.

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