Friday roundup: The baseball gods are very, very angry

Happy baseball season, everybody! Last night the New York Yankees were leading the Washington Nationals 4-1 when MLB commissioner Rob Manfred came out to explain the new playoff system in which 16 teams will make the postseason and the only advantage you’ll get from winning your division is home-field advantage in empty stadiums, at which point the baseball gods tried to kill Manfred by hurling lightning bolts at him and the game had to be called. This really could not be a more auspicious beginning.

Anyway, stadium and arena news, that’s what you’re here for:

8 comments on “Friday roundup: The baseball gods are very, very angry

  1. Don’t forget that sentinels was also the name of the Washington team in the movie The Replacements. get those Falco jerseys ready!

  2. I would rather have the baseball gods hurl Jose Canseco at Manfred, but if lighting bolts is what they have then I guess that’s what they use.

    Manfred always seems to me like the high school guidance counsellor who is desperately hoping you don’t notice how his life turned out while he is trying to give you advice on what you should do with yours…

  3. The baseball gods are still pissed at the loss of the World Series in 1994.

    And, of course, at the lack of genuine repentance by the owners and players.

    Still not not sure why there wasn’t a divine smote back then to these MLB blasphemers.

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