Friday roundup: Stadium news reporting hits rock bottom, don’t believe anything you read (except on this site, duh)

Hey look, it’s Friday again! The St. Louis Cardinals are maybe (assuming no positive test results today) going to start playing games again tomorrow for the first time in 17 days; if they pull it off, and no other teams have outbreaks in the meantime, it will be the first time in nearly three weeks that all 30 baseball teams will be in action, and every team in the four major U.S. sports that are in action. That’s way better than I expected, frankly, and shows that isolating players from the general public (and each other) can work — there’s probably a decent chance that most leagues can limp to a conclusion without shutting down entirely, though football remains an enormous question mark with such huge rosters and no bubbles. Still, glass half full, that’s what I always say! (Okay, I never say it, but I’ll say it now.)

In other newses:

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9 comments on “Friday roundup: Stadium news reporting hits rock bottom, don’t believe anything you read (except on this site, duh)

  1. Nice job on the interview NdM.

    I’m assuming you saw that there were fans in attendance for an MLS game. This confuses me because I thought the tournament was the end of the season.

    1. Nope, the tournament was just the relaunch of the season — the group stages counted as regular-season games, or somesuch. They still have to finish out the schedule between now and December.

      Also, there is no way there were 2,912 fans at that Dallas-Nashville game, based on that video.

  2. I predict we’re in for a raft of stories conflating the effects of COVID with the effect of sports shutdowns. “Arena District Restaurants See Deep Decline Without Home Hockey Games”, for example. Sports owners will use this as evidence of the economic impact of their teams while completely discounting the impact of the virus.

  3. Booyah is still popular in Northeast Wisconsin. It is a rich soup cooked in large quantities for a group event (it cooks long enough that it can be called a stew). The idea originates in fund raisers and large group gatherings. There is usually a fair amount of diced tomato so while the sauce is not too tomato-y it can be a reddish gold color. Rocky Ball-Booyah apparently loves encouraging his kind to their slaughter/consumption.

  4. Apparently MLB’s plan for the Cardinals is that they will now play at least 11 doubleheaders to try and make up the games missed due to a small number of staff and players testing positive.

    This has the tremendous benefit of disadvantaging both the Cardinals and their opponents for these games… all so MLB can say that, if you squint at it just right, this whole thing “worked” great and we have a world series champion. Just a couple of years after the whole garbage can thing.

    Those of us (even those who aren’t Cardinal fans) who recall the 1981 split season will be thinking “oh, so, ya. Again”.

  5. That is the best “Florida Man” headline I have seen in a while. Also I find the whole $5K bail thing ridiculous. If he had $5K to put up for bail then he wouldn’t be homeless in the first place. Secondly, jail is the only place he can get housing and food so he might not be too anxious to get out.

  6. Time for a new movement in this country… Occupy Stadiums. After all most of these stadiums are built with taxpayer money without their real consent so they should at least have a say in what they’re used for during an economic crisis.

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