Welcome to our new direction

You’ve almost certainly noticed this by now, but: Field of Schemes has gotten a design overhaul, its first since 2012. While a lot will be familiar, there are a few new elements to the site’s look, especially on mobile devices, that hopefully will make for a better reader experience. And there is a shit-ton of new wiring under the hood, which should make it easier to upgrade the site more than every eight years in the future.

I still plan to roll out a few more additions later this week, a couple of which I’m actually even more excited about than the redesign. In the meantime, though, while this was all working beautifully on a test site, anything can happen once you go live, so if you notice anything wonky — or just that you’d like to see improved — please post in comments and I’ll see what I can do.

And, of course, if you want to show your appreciation for all the hard work I put into the redesign, or just my usual typing about stadium and arena news, the Support This Site page is ready and waiting. I ditched some ads in the redesign, because they were ugly and got in the way of making it easier to provide you with the news, so now more than ever I’m dependent on the kindnesses of strangers. Tip early, and tip often.



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5 comments on “Welcome to our new direction

  1. It looks and reads fantastic. Much better on mobile than the old site; well done to all.

    And you’re on my list of writers to donate to when my ship comes in! Until that day, though, I’ll just keep plugging your work elsewhere, that’s at least something. Don’t hire Jeff Loria to beat me up for money…

  2. I have one whine: the links to ‘next’ and ‘previous’ articles at the bottom of the kind of blend together. I’d like to see them separated a little more

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