Field of Schemes magnets Series 2 honor your favorite stupid stadium moments

I promised more new goodies to go along with the site redesign, and here’s one of them: a new series of Field of Schemes refrigerator magnets, since stock on the first edition was running perilously low. And also some of you already had the full set, and possibly still one or two blank spaces still on your refrigerator, and that could not stand.

I’m not going to share all of the designs, because I want to retain at least a little mystery in my relationship with readers, but here’s one of them:

It’s edumacational!

Anyone becoming an FoS Supporter at any level will receive two different magnets from the new series, chosen at random by me with my own two randomized hands. You will also get my heartfelt gratitude for helping make this site possible at a time when nobody much else seems interested in paying for journalism work, but that’s harder to show off to your friends — or your cat, since your friends probably aren’t coming over much during this pandemic.

To become a Supporter (or renew your membership), make your selection below. If you don’t use Paypal, email me and let’s talk.



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6 comments on “Field of Schemes magnets Series 2 honor your favorite stupid stadium moments

  1. Hi Neil,
    When I click on the Pay Now link on this page it sends me to the paypal homepage ( If I log in, there’s nothing saying I’m trying to pay for anything.
    I went to the FoS Supporter page and the Pay Now link there does work like the regular check-out.

    1. Okay, it should be working now, somebody want to try and report back? (I can’t test it because it won’t let me pay myself.)

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