Friday roundup: Coyotes late with arena rent, Winnipeg move non-threats, and good old gondolas, nothing beats gondolas!

If you missed me — and a whole lot of other people you’ve likely read about here, including economist Victor Matheson and former Anaheim mayor Tom Tait — breaking down the Los Angeles Angels stadium deal in an enormous Zoom panel last night, you can still check it out on the Voice of OC’s Facebook page. I didn’t bother to carefully curate the books on the shelves behind me, as one does, so have fun checking out which novels I read 20 years ago!

And on to the news, which remains unrelentingly newsy:

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9 comments on “Friday roundup: Coyotes late with arena rent, Winnipeg move non-threats, and good old gondolas, nothing beats gondolas!

  1. The NHL’s biggest problem child franchises are Arizona and Ottawa. It is not out of the realm of possibility that the Senators could be sold and moved to Houston, and the Jets moved to Ottawa

  2. If you get Justin Timberlake and Dave Dombrowski in the headlines and crickets from the Nashville/Tennessee polls, I’m surprised the Titans even bothered to comment

  3. Just because no-one has said it yet… if McCourt is involved in the gondola project, there’s no way you need to move 12,000 fans to a game. As I recall, attendance when he and the former Mrs. McCourt owned the franchise was in the 4-5,000 range. This would be a number so low it doesn’t seem real, but for the fact that LA sportswriters used to write stories about how they purchased seats behind the dugouts for $5 or less.

    I would assume he will bring this same level of customer service and demand management to the gondola business.

    Of course, given what I know of his business history, it is always possible that the real goal is to appropriate air rights over the stadium and then build some sort of structure to block out the sun… you know, a Dr. No/Goldfinger/Hugo Drax effort…

  4. More on the MiLB extinction master plan… (assuming the link comes through)

  5. Arizona Coyotes are always a train wreck of a franchise.

    I am about 95% certain they could move to a high school in Anywhere Canada and be more stable.

  6. Point of order. The Cedar Rapids RoughRiders are a junior team, not really a “minor league” team. Players in the USHL maintain their NCAA eligibility. Indeed, it is the main route to D1 hockey.

    So losing two USHL teams this season will have knock-on effects for college hockey, but of course they might not play this year either.

    1. Thanks — I always confuse those two. I mean, I know the difference between them, but keeping track of which leagues are junior and which are minor-league is something that will have to await the arrival of that intern I mail-ordered.

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