Friday roundup: Jaguars’ billionaire owner wants $232m in tax money, plus guess-the-Angels-rationalization contest!

We made it another week further into the future! Sure, it’s a future that looks too much like the recent past — bad pandemic planning and stadium deals with increasingly more well-disguised subsidies — and we’re all still here discussing the same scams that I really thought were going to be a momentary fad 25 years ago. But the zombie apocalypse hasn’t arrived yet, so that’s something! Also the Star Trek: Lower Decks season finale was really excellent. Gotta stop and smell the flowers before refocusing on the underlying horror of society!

And with that, back to laughing to keep from crying:

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13 comments on “Friday roundup: Jaguars’ billionaire owner wants $232m in tax money, plus guess-the-Angels-rationalization contest!

  1. I read the article and it seems more likely that it would be the Bucs instead of the Rays getting a retractable dome. If the article is correct and indeed it is the Bucs, I can only imagine how livid the Rays will be and the odds of them leaving town when the lease ends has greatly increased.

    1. Click on the link for “Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees” above — the podcast dude claims that’s who it’s for. Only don’t click on it, or even think about it yet, it’s just an unsourced rumor to lure in listeners.

  2. I followed the link for an article through Uni-Watch this morning and couldn’t possibly imagine a stadium that just got a ton of upgrades would be replaced in two years by a retractable roof stadium in a city that’s not giving into the Rays…but then I clicked here and was reminded sometimes, with the right people making the moves, it can exactly happen just that way.
    Hopefully not though. Someone on a fan site made the case for the new stadium because, “The Bucs deserve it!” but offered little to nothing else in support of that statement. I suppose they’ve forgotten all the years of missing the playoffs and general relevance.

  3. I can’t find the article but I remember when Khan bought the Four Seasons he said it was because, “he couldnt get a room, and hotels don’t make money.”

  4. As long as cupholders on seats is part of a deal, I’m all in on subsidies for bigillionares in Phoenix.

    Gotta have somewhere to put my $25 beer while wolfing down my $15 nachos.

  5. Alright I’ll guess:

    “This is a great team that the people of Los Angeles (well, ok Anaheim -ed) have (ok, even though they don’t own it of course -ed). It would be a shame if they were to lose this tremendous asset.

    Arte loves Anaheim. Arte does not want to leave. Arte will do everything he can to keep the team here. But he may not be able to do that without ‘help\'”.

    Was I close?

  6. I’ll try for a fridge magnet, they save one from cleaning the fridge door.

    “Development in Anaheim has struggled for some years, and an investment of this level can bring needed renewal of interest by providing both living and entertainment options that could make the region a choice relocation destination for young Southern Californians. Also, Disneyland just sucks, there, I said it, Walt was creepy and I hate all his cartoons except when I’m stoned out of my mind.”

    Something like that…

  7. Both good guesses, but neither all that close to what Wolff actually said. Anyone else want to give it a go?

  8. “If anything the Angels paid too much for the land when you take into account all of the surplus money this team generates and after all you can’t put a number on smiling children, homeruns, and 400 seats.

    1. There is just no logic in the world that this isn’t a fair deal for everybody involved.

      LA Times

  9. Okay, I’m declaring Mark S the winner, as he got closest to the correct answer, which was, more or less: “The city agreed to let the Angels stay until 2038 so nobody else would pay much for the land and anyway Southern California land isn’t really all that valuable and Arte Moreno is spending billions of dollars on his own money on this and just quit whining already!”

    Mark S, if you send me your mailing address, I’ll send you a magnet! (Nobody else try to pretend you’re Mark S, I have IP magicks I can use to tell if you’re lying.)

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