Baseball fans call new Rangers stadium “breathtaking” while breathing all over each other

We’re now two games into the fans-getting-to-see-live-baseball-under-Covid era, and if Fox won’t show us what it’s like at the stands, that’s what we have Twitter for. And there’s double reason for rubbernecking interest here, as the National League Championship Series not only gives us our first glimpse of baseball spectating during the pandemic, but also our initial look at the new Texas Rangers stadium that was built with taxpayer money so the team could have air-conditioning. And the Twitterverse says, at least according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Awesome!

“It’s breathtaking,” said William Necessary, a Rangers season-ticket holder since 2012 from Arlington. “It does look like a barn or a hangar from the outside, but inside it’s amazing.”…

“It reminds me of the old Reunion Arena where you were right on top of everybody,” [Necessary’s friend Bobby] Brown said. “It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing stadium there is on the outside, but on the inside it’s beautiful.”

Maybe “breathtaking” isn’t the word I would have used under current circumstances, but okay! Two Rangers season-ticket holders say the new place may be ugly on the outside, but it’s nice on the inside, check. Star-Telegram reporter Stefan Stevenson didn’t tell us where Necessary and Brown were sitting, which might have been helpful — early renderings made it look like the view from the cheap seats would be just horrible — but at least the stadium is nice to look at, regardless of whether you can see the game.

Let’s see what we can find for ourselves on Twitter:

Those people indeed have great seats, though they’ve chosen to ignore the game in order to take a selfie of themselves flouting the requirement to wear masks at all times while not eating or drinking. (You get two warnings before being kicked out, so maybe these folks were okay with using up one of their three strikes?) Let’s try to find another image:

If I’m counting right, that’s at most six out of 22 fans pictured in that shot who are wearing masks properly. And hardly any appear to be maintaining a six-foot distance, though it’s a bit hard to tell given the camera angle. What else have we got?

Okay, they’re just trolling us now. Everyone hold your breath for tonight’s heart-stopping Game 3!

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