Austin FC light rail renderings show fans enjoying avoiding going to soccer match at all costs

Austin F.C. gave two KVUE staffers a tour of construction progress on their new stadium this week, which frankly mostly led to some boring photos of people standing around a half-finished soccer pitch in hard hats. But it did alert anyone who missed it to the fact that a couple of weeks back Capital Metro, Austin’s public transit agency, released new renderings of what the train to the new stadium will look like, if and when it’s built:

Definitely a lot going on here! Those malformed soccer-ball light fixtures (?) are quite the design touch, but as always, I’m more interested in what the people the renderer has chosen to populate the scene with are up to. There’s a young child who’s thought to bring his own soccer ball to the match, which surely won’t be a problem at all. There’s a grown man who’s thought to bring his own billy club, which, likewise. There’s another small child excitedly snapping a photo of the transit map, no doubt to find his way home since he’s already been abandoned by his parents. My favorite, though, may be the several people who are just lounging around on station benches, even though two trains are in the station and the game is about to start, because the McKalla light rail station is going to be the place to be in Austin’s future.

The train will also go to the airport, which is a lot more useful for most Austinites who may not care about going to a soccer match:

Nothing too exciting here, though the couple with the child in the stroller, obliviously blocking the entrance to where the doors will be when that train finishes pulling into the station, are notable. (Though extremely on-brand for couples with toddlers, in my experience.) Though … what’s the deal with that woman with the green rolling suitcase? Does she think that’s how people actually walk? Does she have some sort of terrible leg deformity? Does she need remedial lessons? I’m frankly concerned that someone put her in the clip-art package in the first place.

Austin voters just approved a property-tax hike to help fund a $7.1 billion expansion of Austin’s light rail, so the money is in place. Previous estimates are that adding a McKalla Place station on the existing red line would cost $13 million, ; at last word, Austin F.C. owner Anthony Precourt was set to pay for the new station, though he’s still getting $100 million in property tax breaks, so he can afford it. Maybe he can chip in to help green-luggage lady with her hip operation, too.

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8 comments on “Austin FC light rail renderings show fans enjoying avoiding going to soccer match at all costs

  1. Look at the left foot of the woman with the green rolling suitcase. It looks like her foot goes in the wrong direction! Ouch. That must hurt.

    1. I’m actually less concerned about her left foot than about where her right foot is. If you try to reenact this, you realize it can only be done by crossing one leg over the other as you walk, which is nearly impossible to do without tripping over your own feet.

  2. Austin FC is paying 275 million to build the stadium and then giving it to the city…..and then paying rent to the city. There are no tax breaks.

    1. Precourt is giving it to the city so that the city owns it, so that he doesn’t have to pay property taxes. Yes, he’s paying some rent instead, but that’s significantly less than he’d owe in taxes:

      1. Also note the airplane taking off in the background. It appears to be a 747 or an A380. Not very likely yet for some time ,unless the 747 is the cargo model.

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