Friday roundup: Titans seek overhaul of 21-year-old stadium, FC Cincy subsidy nears $100m, plus: bored sportswriters go rogue!

A quick programming note: The next two Friday roundups will be on Thursdays, since the next two Fridays are Christmas and New Year’s. Not that I’ll be doing much special those days — I’ve done pretty much nothing since March other than sit and stare at my laptop screen — but I’m doing this anyway as a courtesy to readers who may feel the need to go out and infect extended family members with a deadly disease or something.

And on to this week’s news remainders:

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9 comments on “Friday roundup: Titans seek overhaul of 21-year-old stadium, FC Cincy subsidy nears $100m, plus: bored sportswriters go rogue!

  1. Neil, I’ve been reading you for a few years now. Wouldn’t you typically argue that using $16M for gifts to construction workers be a better use of public funds than whatever it is actually being used for at F.C Cincinnati? :) At least you know who directly benefits from the money.

    1. If you’ve been reading me for a few years, I would hope you can spot the implicit <sarcasm> tags by now.

  2. I think this article is interesting regarding Nashville. I think the Titans are in the same boat as MLB. Last I heard the mayor of Nashville said “we’re flattered MLB has an eye on us but we have other fish to fry” . I am old enough to remember Mayor William of Washington holding a presser with other big wigs singing “take me out to the ballgame” before Jeff Loria had bought the expos. Now they are begging to enter a market where the mayor is saying “No shakedown here”. Good Luck Titans

  3. I saw a headline on “If Cleveland can say goodbye to Indians name why can’t Red Sox say goodbye to Fenway park?” I don’t have a subscription so I’m not going to read the article. But my first thought is because Fenway Park isn’t racist to my knowledge at least. But a better reason is because Fenway is at minimum a perfectly acceptable place to watch a baseball game and it would be a huge waste of money to build a new stadium. But something something seats don’t fit my rotund ass…

    1. I was able to read it in an incognito window:

      That is indeed a pretty dumb excuse for a column. (Sample: “Would it be easier on the heart and soul to accept the Boston Americans (or other new name) still playing at the existing Fenway, or the Red Sox, operating under their same name since 1908, playing in a dazzling new park, with 42,000 seats, dynamic views, sparkling bathrooms and enough electrical outlets to bring Nikola Tesla to tears?”) As noted above, sportswriters are rapidly running out of things to write about.

      1. Oh holy hell. Why would we want 42,000 people in a ballpark? They have trouble enough filling up 38,000 now. Also does anyone else read “more electrical outlets” as, “build a new ballpark so I can have a place to charge my iPhone.”

  4. Surprised the Adams Family (ba-da-da-bump…the Adams Family) took so long to start pressuring Nashville.

    In Houston, Daddy Adams took only 10 years after a major upgrade of adding 10,000 seats to the Eighth Wonder of The World (paid for by taxpayers) before they threatened to leave.

    I remember having a pint of beer in a 300 year old pub in Chester, England and seeing an exposed wall of wattle and daub. Very nice construction in fact. I think American stadiums may move in that direction soon for their construction.

  5. Aloha stadium in Honolulu can no longer hold fans and will be condemned. The replacement isn’t due to open until 2023. There’s no word on where UHawaii or the Pro Bowl will be played.

    1. War Memorial in Maui, probably. It’s not great but its structurally sound. The Pro Bowl is being played on Madden this year.

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