New Mexico United seeks $40m in state cash, walks back giant soccer robots

New Mexico United owner Peter Trevisani is back on the hustings pushing for a new stadium for his USL team, with the hustings in this case a phone call with the local TV station talking about “public-private partnerships” and how those giant soccer robot renderings weren’t really his idea after all:

“The vision for the stadium was always part of a broader vision before we ever announced the first team. A lot of the early renderings— they didn’t come from New Mexico United. They just came to us. People were having fun. They created drawings, ‘This is what it could look like,’” said New Mexico United’s CEO and owner Peter Trevisani.

Trevisani said right now they’re in the process of securing funds of the project.

“A really fragile delicate stage. A stage that’s so important that if people who want this get behind it, and voice their opinion. There has been a request from the city of Albuquerque for $40 million as far is a capital outlay program,” he said.

As a reminder, one of those early renderings looked like this:

That’s a rendering from FBT Architects, provided by Trevisani himself last February. So if by “people having fun” and “creating drawings” means people who were hired by the team to do so, then yup, all checks out!

The more interesting part, if not necessarily the more hilarious part, is that $40 million figure, which appears to be a request from Albuquerque to the state of New Mexico for funding toward a stadium. When numbers were last thrown around back in November 2019, it was $30 million in state money toward a $100 million stadium, so clearly Trevisani has decided that the onset of a global pandemic and associated public costs has made it a good time to ask for an extra $10 million, because Albuquerque deserves it:

“The communities that have been devastated by the pandemic. These are the communities that want this more than ever, so really now is the time to leave in lean in and not turn on her back on who really needs it the most,” he added…

“We have to build a bridge to hope. Yes, we need to take care of the issues we have today, but we need longer-term projects that don’t build a bridge of destitution, but build a bridge of hope. I think the state and the city have done a great job of providing relief and focusing on recovery, and now we’re at the stage that we are hopefully on the backside of this pandemic that we can focus on the resiliency of New Mexicans,” Trevisani added.

KOB-TV didn’t bother to call any state officials to see how they feel about spending $40 million on a bridge of hope, though Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, unsurprisingly, is not opposed to somebody who’s not him doing so. This is a really fragile delicate stage, so probably best not to bother them with questions when they’re busy trying not to turn on her back on who really needs it the most.

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One comment on “New Mexico United seeks $40m in state cash, walks back giant soccer robots

  1. Unlike most of the posters on this site I am not anti-sports subsidy. I think pro sports are a nice amenity to have in a city and as long as there are more cities that want sports teams then there are teams to go around most cities that aren’t NY or LA will have to chip in something if it wants a team. That being said I don’t get why a minor league soccer team needs $100 million. Cleveland had a USL-1 team (the predecessor to this USL) and they played in a high school football stadium. Does this stadium have massage chairs at every seat?

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