Friday roundup: Miami ripped off again by Loria, Rays roof removal proposed, America’s journalists snookered

I’ll keep this short today, in deference to any Texas readers who may be trying to save battery life thanks to that state’s power outages. Once your bandwidth is back, here’s a good reminder from the New York Times that climate change is expected to cause unseasonable cold snaps and winter storms as well as insane summer heat, so you have lots more of both to look forward to. Or, if you prefer, here’s an article on a similar theme from the Village Voice a few years back that I wrote a much snappier headline for.

Stadiums, right, that’s what you came here to read about! Let’s see what we’ve got:

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7 comments on “Friday roundup: Miami ripped off again by Loria, Rays roof removal proposed, America’s journalists snookered

  1. Elected officials of Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami forced taxpayers to
    pay over $3 Billion, including debt service, for the Marlins Stadium and Garages. Often the Marlins lose over 100 games in a season.

  2. The first article that you linked to about renovating Tropicana Field to be open air says clearly at the bottom that the proposal would cost around $193 million. These days that is likely much less than a new ballpark.

    1. Yeah, which would be paid for via tax kickbacks. Not great, but still almost certainly better than what Sternberg would want for an all-new stadium.

  3. Neil,
    the second article linked re: St. Louis Blues, does not even mention the Blues. That money is for the America’s Center convention center, which also includes the now empty dome where the Rams played during their time in St. Louis. Don’t know if thats better or worse…..

    1. Sorry, you’re correct, I conflated two things: The hotel-tax money is indeed still going to pay off the Rams stadium. Will fix…

  4. “A competitive convention center to ensure St. Louis’ future”.

    Pretty much says it all. Also, if that’s all that is needed to ensure St. Louis’ future… why did they build the TWA dome in the first place?

    Or Busch stadium (ii or iii)? Or the ballpark village. Or really anything other than the convention center?

    Just more lies from economic development lobbyists.

    Does anyone ever write “invest one tenth of the cost of a new stadium into inner city schools to ensure our city’s future”?

  5. Cuomo will probably push for a new stadium in Buffalo because he is going down in flames and everyone hates him. A new stadium would allow him to say he saved the team from potentially relocating, though that would have made more sense when they were a losing franchise that had $10 seats instead of a winning team that will see high demand for tickets and merch.

    It is not like it is his money that the state will be throwing at the team. If it buys him some good will, it will be worth it to Andy.

    On the Pegula front, pushing for a stadium also will allow them to distract people from the performance of the other sports club they own that will probably also need a new stadium soon.

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